Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning in partnership with Ladies Who Tech & R-Ladies

Jul 9, 2020, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

In partnership with Ladies Who Tech and R-Ladies, we are co-hosting another free online workshop on “Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning” We are proud to have Hannah Rose Kirk, an expert and long-time Beijing based researcher on behavioral economics, AI and social data science to be our host again for the session.

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Ladies Who Tech携手R-Ladies: 机器学习· 监督式学习速成班
Ladies Who Tech x R-Ladies: Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning

机器学习是当前技术领域最热门的话题之一。 据Indeed.com称,仅在过去三年中,机器学习工作增加了344%。

Machine learning is one of the hottest sectors in tech at the moment. In the past three years alone, machine learning jobs increased by 344 per cent, according to

机器学习是一类利用当前数据训练模型和算法的人工智能,它是一种随着您使用的越多而变得越“聪明”的技术。 机器学习还分为监督学习和无监督学习。

A class of artificial intelligence that takes current data to train models and algorithms, machine learning is a technology that gets “smarter” the more you use it. It also comes in two forms: supervised and unsupervised.


Supervised machine learning requires the operator to set the desired output, label the data and give it parameters. It ensures the model doesn’t make mistakes and is heading in the right direction, which makes it ideal for companies that haven’t deployed machine learning before.

继上次活动的热烈反响,Ladies Who Tech将会于7月9日(星期四)再与R-Ladies北京携手举办一项免费线上工作坊 ---《机器学习· 监督式学习速成班》。我们很荣幸能够再次邀请到资深学者和行为经济学,人工智能和社会数据科学研究员柯玫瑰(Hannah Rose Kirk)来教授大家监督式学习的基础知识和算法,以及探索如何用模型参数来提高机器学习模型的预测精度。

Back by popular demand, Ladies Who Tech and R-Ladies are co-hosting another free online workshop on “Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning” on 9th July, Thursday. We are proud to have Hannah Rose Kirk, an expert and long-time Beijing based researcher on behavioural economics, AI and social data science to be our host again for the session. She will lay the foundations of supervised machine learning, explain what algorithms and approaches we can use and how we parameterize models to fine-tune our predictions.

What is supervised machine learning and why is it important?


As mentioned above, supervised machine learning algorithms predict future or unknown outcomes reasoned from models built on existing examples.


The process is “supervised” because how the algorithm learns from the training dataset is analogous to how a teacher supervises the learning process of their student.


Supervised machine learning can be used to attack regression problems and classification tasks, where complicated features can be distilled into predictions whether an outcome will occur or not.


• 医学:乳腺癌肿瘤是恶性的吗? 患者有患糖尿病的风险吗?

• 通讯:这是垃圾邮件吗? 这讯息是假新闻吗?

• 自动驾驶汽车:此图像是人行横道还是停车标志?

• 财务:此借款人会偿还还是拖欠其贷款?

Supervised machine learning is versatile and the problems it can help to answer span many fields such as:

• Medicine: Is a breast cancer tumor malignant? Am I at risk of diabetes?

• Communications: Is this email spam? Is this message fake news?

• Self-Driving cars: Is this image a pedestrian crossing or a stop sign?

• Finance: Will this borrower repay or default on their loan? 

What will you learn


Using two datasets, one for breast cancer detection in tumors and another for diabetes diagnosis in pregnant women, Hannah will explain how to use four types of machine learning models: K-Nearest Neighbors, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees and Random Forests.


The versatility, flexibility and surprising simplicity of these approaches make powerful predictive tools which you can adapt to your own professional or academic environment. Many problems can be described as classification tasks where an outcome either happens or it doesn’t. This tutorial will help you harness the power of machine learning to understand your data and get insight on the task at hand.


The tutorial will contain a descriptive overview of supervised machine learning and its methods, alongside hands-on coding examples for putting these techniques into practice.


Any level experience of R is welcome. Complete beginners will gain an introductory understanding to how supervised machine learning works and more advanced coders will benefit from a comprehensive practical toolkit for data analytics.


Whether you’re new to the machine learning field or looking to advance your knowledge, this is your moment!

About R-Ladies


R-Ladies is a global community of R users or beginners who are committed to making the R community more gender-inclusive. R-Ladies will generally host tutorials, workshops, and social events to help attendees get to know each other and talk about their experiences as women in data science or as R users and learners.

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