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Sat, Feb 25, 2017, 1:30 PM (CST)

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Jim Fields is the Founder and Managing Director of Relay, a Beijing-based cross-border marketing agency that helps visionary Chinese tech companies to expand in Western markets. Fields founded Relay with the ambition to create the first truly global Chinese brand.

With over 14 years of studying Chinese and 7 years in China, Fields’ focus has been on helping Chinese tech brands creatively and effectively communicate and engage with Western audiences. His work has gained millions of views across various platforms, both in China and internationally, for clients such as Xiaomi, Tencent, Lenovo, Garmin, Hover Camera and many others.

Prior to founding Relay, Fields was responsible for launching British agency Studio Output’s Chinese business arm, which grew over 300% in revenue during his three years with the company. Before this, Fields began his career in Silicon Valley at Adobe and has also worked at Nokia and Reckitt Benckiser in Beijing.

Jim Fields是Relay公司在北京的创始人和董事,他在影视、视频、后期等方面具有着丰富经验。他十分了解中国商业和企业文化,并且具有超过12年的中文口语水平。

他从硅谷的Adobe开始职业生涯后,陆续在Nokia,Reckitt Benckiser和Studio Output工作过。2016年Jim创办了Relay在北京的第一家公司。


Relay is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in creating stunning results for clients, which are both innovative startup businesses and larger disruptive brands. Our work spans across video, content, social, and digital marketing.

Relay is a bilingual, Beijing-based team with a global network of resources – both here in Asia, and around the world. We’re experts in communicating Chinese stories to a global audience and vice versa. We help our clients build the future of their brands – one campaign at a time.





Saturday, Feb 25
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM (CST)


Building 10 , No. 4 Gongti North Road - Nearest Metro Station: Line 10:Tuanjiehu Exit D Beijing10000

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