Medellín: From World’s Most Dangerous City to Silicon Valley of Latin America

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Medellín: From World’s Most Dangerous City to Silicon Valley of Latin America

How social innovation transformed a city in Colombia into the world’s smartest city?

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Once the base for one of the most feared drug cartels, Medellin in Colombia was for years the most dangerous city on earth, now in its way to becoming the Silicon Valley of Latin America, and tech incubator Ruta N, a tech incubator and joint venture with the city of Medellín, is a product of those efforts, connecting startups from Latin America with investors from around the world, and it is their time to come to China to continue boosting the cross-border innovation and entrepreneurial exchanges.

哥伦比亚的麦德林曾经是最令人恐惧的贩毒集团之一的基地,多年来一直是地球上最危险的城市,现在正在成为拉丁美洲的硅谷,与麦德林市的科技孵化器和合资企业Ruta N正是这些努力的产物,把拉美的初创企业和世界各地的投资者联系起来,现在是他们来中国继续推动跨境创新和创业交流的时候了。

Come to our event on Thursday, November 28th from 6.30PM to 9.30PM on an evening with Sin Kit I from Ruta N, and Nicolás Torres from ACI Medellín to learn how Ruta N and the local authorities of Medellín have invited startups from around the world to start operations in the city.

11月28日,星期四,下午6:30至9:30,晚上与来自Ruta N的Sin Kit I和来自ACI MedellíN的Nicolas Torres一起参加我们的活动,了解Ruta N和MedellíN的地方当局是如何邀请来自世界各地的初创企业在该市开展业务的。

So far, 320 companies from more than 30 countries have settled up in Medellín creating more than 8,000 jobs since 2012. China-based companies such as Huawei, Tuya Smart, and Didi Chuxing have been lured by Medellin’s potential as a global tech hub.


Medellín is also the son-to-become first Spanish-speaking city to host an affiliate center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, an idea conceived by the World Economic Forum. Participants from the network foster collaborations to accelerate projects in science and technology. Therefore Medellín will join a network of tech hubs present exclusively in San Francisco, Beijing, Tokyo, and Mumbai. Join us on Thursday to understand:


What Medellin has done differently to become the World’s Smartest City? 成为世界上最聪明的城市,麦德林做了什么不同的事情?

What opportunities Chinese tech startups and investors have in Medellín and Latin America? 中国的科技初创企业和投资者在梅德林和拉丁美洲有哪些机会?

How Medellin and Beijing became part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network? 麦德林和北京如何成为第四次工业革命网络的一部分?



Thursday, Nov 28
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)


No.6 Innoway, 48 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing - 北京市海淀区海淀西大街48号,中关村创业大街6号楼 Beijing100020

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