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Fri, Jul 12, 2019, 6:30 PM (CST)

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How To Hack Your Path To Achieve Whatever You Want

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If you could meet anyone influential who would it be?


If you could meet anyone successful, what would you ask them?


Defined as “the achievement of something that you planned to do or attempted to do” SUCCESS is a word you hear and become familiar with from a young age, but what defines authentic success? And, what are the secrets to achieving business and life success in today’s competitive environment?

将“你计划做或想要做的事情的成就”定义为成功是你从小就听到并熟悉的一个词,但是什么定义了真正的成功? 而且,在当今竞争激烈的环境中实现商业和生活成功的秘诀是什么?

Startup Grind Beijing is excited to host the only nationally bestselling business author under 30 in the United States Alex Banayan, author of The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched Their Careers.

北京创业磨坊非常高兴能够邀请到美国全球最畅销的30岁以下商业作家Alex Banayan,他是“第三道门:探索世界上最成功人士如何开展职业生涯的狂野探索”一书的作者。

Named by Apple as the voice of entrepreneurship, Banayan is a college dropout, business author and one of the youngest VC’s ever. At the age of 18, Alex set off on a wild quest to uncover how the world’s most successful people launched their careers, achieved success and accomplished their dreams.

Banayan是一名大学辍学者,商业作家,也是有史以来最年轻的VC之一, 被Apple称为创业之声。 在18岁时,亚历克斯开始疯狂地探索世界上最成功的人如何开展他们的事业,取得成功并实现他们的梦想。

Over the course of his unprecedented seven-year journey, Banayan hosted one-on-one interviews with the most innovative leaders of the past half-century including Qi Lu (former COO of Baidu and current CEO of Y Combinator China), Bill Gates, Maya Angelou, Steve Wozniak, Larry King, Jessica Alba, Pitbull, Tim Ferriss, and many more.

在他前所未有的七年历程中,Banayan与过去半个世纪最具创新精神的领导人进行了一对一的访谈,其中包括陆奇(百度前首席运营官和YC中国现任首席执行官),比尔·盖茨,马娅·安杰卢,斯蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克,拉里·金,杰西卡·阿尔巴,皮普,Tim Ferriss。

Alex discovered that, while every successful leader was completely different on the outside, at their core they all approached business, life and success with the exact same mindset. On the journey to success, there are always three ways in, and they all took The Third Door.

亚历克斯发现,虽然每个成功的领导者在外部完全不同,但他们的核心都是以完全相同的心态接近商业,生活和成功。 在通向成功的道路上,总有三种方式,他们都走向了第三道门.

Join us on Friday, July 12th 6.30 PM at WeWork Joy City to learn more about The Third Door Framework as we discuss:

7月12日星期五下午6:30在WeWork Joy City加入我们,了解更多有关第三道门的信息,我们将讨论:

- Why truly successful people don’t wait their turn

- How to treat your failures as your greatest gifts

- How to pass from chasing to achieving a dream

- How to reach out to busy people

- Why mentors are important

- 为什么真正成功人士不等待机会?

- 如何将失败作为你最好的礼物?

- 如何从追梦到实现梦想?

- 如何联系忙碌的人?

- 为什么导师很重要?


  • Alex Banayan

    Alex Banayan

    The Third Door


    Alex is the author of the national bestseller The Third Door, which chronicles his five-year quest to track down Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Maya Angelou, Steven Spielberg, and dozens more of the world’s most successful people to uncover how they broke through and launched their careers.

    Banayan has been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, Business Insider’s Most Powerful Pe...

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    Friday, Jul 12
    6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)


    WeWork Joy City
    101 Chao Yang Bei Lu Chaoyang Qu - 朝阳北路101号朝阳大悦城10层wework Beijing100020

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