(三周年活动预告) Startup Grind Beijing @ Innoway's Third Anniversary with Chen Yu (YeePay) & Tian Luan (Innoway)

Jun 12, 2017, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

B1, No.6 Building, Innoway, No. 48 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing, Zhongguancun, Beijing, 100000

The 3rd Anniversary of Zhongguancun Inno Way & the 4th Innoway Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival. Chen Yu is president and co-founder of YeePay & Tian Luan is the Head of Marketing Department of Innoway.

In-person event

About this event

Chen Yu is president and co-founder of YeePay - a leading e-payment service provider in China. Chen has over 20 years of software and Internet experience. Before founding YeePay, Chen spent 7 years at Oracle where he was responsible for Product Management, Marketing and Strategic Alliances for Oracle Application Server and Internet/eCommerce solutions. Prior, he held various positions at John Deere and AT&T Bell Labs. Chen is also an influential “Internet Evangelist” in China. In 2015, he cofounded “The Internet Van” – a non-profit initiative to help promote Internet adoption in traditional industries. In 2013, Chen served as an advisor to China Central Television’s 10-episode feature documentary “The Internet Age”, in which he interviewed many well-known industry figures including Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Jerry Yang, Vint Cerf. Chen received his MS from Illinois Institute of Technology and BS from Beijing University, both in Computer Science.

余晨先生是中国领先的电子支付服务提供商-易宝支付的总裁以及联合创始人。余晨先生拥有20年在软件和互联网领域的工作经验。在联合创立易宝支付之前,余晨先生曾在甲骨文公司工作7年,负责甲骨文公司应用服务器和互联网/电子商务解决方案的产品管理,市场营销和战略联盟。在此之前,他曾在美国迪尔公司,AT&T贝尔实验室担任不同职位。余晨先生也是一位在中国具有影响力的‘互联网传道者’。在2015年,他联合创立了‘互联网大篷车’- 一个旨在帮助传统产业推广互联网运用的非盈利倡议。在2013年,余晨先生曾担任中央电视台十集人物纪录片‘互联网时代’的顾问。其中,他采访了多位著名行业人物包括马克·扎克伯格,埃隆·马斯克,雷德·霍夫曼,杨致远,温顿·瑟夫。余晨先生拥有美国伊利诺伊斯理工大学硕士学位和北京大学学士学位,专业为计算机科学

Tian Luan is working at the management company of Innoway, which is the startup street in Beijing (the heart of startup eco-system in China). He is in charge of several business modules including Global Incubation, Large Corporations Collaboration, Online and Offline Platforms, Startups Mentoring. He has worked aboard for 15 years, acting as the mentor and judge for several international startup competitions. He is also the researcher in the field of cross-border e-commerce, helping international startups, which are interested in Chinese market. Besides, he also helps large corporations deal with internal innovations.


A Brief Introduction to Zhongguancun InnoWay

In March 2013, Beijing proposed to build “one city three streets” to gather high-end elements in response to the development trend of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In March 2013, Beijing proposed to build “one city three streets” to gather high-end elements in response to the development trend of innovation and entrepreneurship. In accordance with this requirement, Haidian Property Group actively promoted the upgrade of China Haidian Book City into innovation and entrepreneurship service mode and the construction of Zhongguancun Inno Way. By taking advantage of Beijing Haidian Property Group’s space resources and hard environment construction experiences and THTI Holding’s strengths in innovation and entrepreneurship services, industry promotion and international cooperation, the two enterprises completed the upgrading and rebuilding plan of China Haidian Book City and co-founded Beijing Haizhikechuang Technology Service Co., Ltd. to operate Inno Way. Their collaboration is based on the principle of complementing each other’s advantages and win-win cooperation and strives to build a cluster area of innovation and entrepreneurship service, a cradle to technology enterprises, a holy land for innovation and entrepreneurship culture and a spiritual home for entrepreneurs.

External Cooperation

“International strategy” has been playing a vital part in Inno Way’s development ever since its inception and we have planned strategic layout to improve our international influence. Currently, we have formed cooperative relationships with renowned global enterprises, colleges and universities and incubators in the US, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, South Korea, Canada, Australia, India and many other countries. On the basis of Global Innovation Center, we have developed various international businesses, including global exchange, global innovation activities, global startup incubation, and global investment and financing sector, relating to international incubation and settlement, startup roadhow, product display, investment and financing abutment. In November 2015, Haidian Property Group (Inno Way’s holding company) and Zhongguancun Development Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement and co-founded the office of Inno Way in Silicon Valley. This Agreement helps Zhongguancun enterprises to march towards Silicon Valley and the whole world and to take part in the globalization process of innovation and entrepreneurship. 


B1, No.6 Building, Innoway, No. 48 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing 

全球创新社区 - 中关村创业大街6号楼B1,北京市海淀区海淀西大街48号中关村创业大街

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  • Chen Yu

    YeePay (易宝支付)

  • Tian Luan



6:00pm 签到 & 茶歇 Sign-in, Welcome Drink & Food
7:00pm 炉边谈话 Fireside Chat with Chen Yu & Tian Luan
8:00pm 自由讨论 & 社交环节 Drinks, Food & Networking


  • Rebecca Xie

    Startup Grind Beijing


  • Yami Sun

    Startup Grind Beijing



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