#SGPitchBattles Beijing

Aug 26, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


We are calling out all the entrepreneurs to participate in Startup Grind BeijingLocal Pitch Battles, and we have prepared awesome prizes for you! Win up to 1 year Startup Grind membership and chance to represent Beijing to compete at Global Pitch Battles! To register, please click: https://forms.gle/QkG5sBPpT9fJTUsSA and if you have any questions, please email madeleine@startupgrind.com ASAP!

Virtual event


About this event

Startup Grind is hosting #SGPitchBattles this year in August!
Here at Startup Grind Beijing, we are calling out all the entrepreneurs to participate in this Pitch Battles, and we have prepared awesome prizes for you!

Here is the structure of the Pitch Battles:

Step 1: Submit Your Pitch
Please submit a 1-minute elevator pitch video in English along with your completed application form. You can find the application form, here: https://forms.gle/QkG5sBPpT9fJTUsSA.
Startup Grind team will internally evaluate your 1-minute elevator pitch video and will only shortlist 5 Entrepreneurs to join our Startup Grind Beijing Virtual Pitch Battles.

Step 2: Virtual Pitch Battles
This step is limited only to the 5 Entrepreneurs that are shortlisted. The Startup Grind Beijing Virtual Pitch Battles will be happening on 26th August 2020, 7 PM (GMT +8) on Zoom. Each entrepreneur must deliver three minutes of live/virtual pitch with 1.5 minutes rebuttal (rebuttal is optional).
Our judges will evaluate your pitch following the criteria provided by the Startup Grind team, and we will select the top 3 Pitches to be the winners.

The Prizes for winning Startup Grind Beijing Local Pitch Battles:

  • 1st Place will get One year of a free membership into the Startup Program Membership.
  • 2nd Place will get Six months of a free membership into the Startup Program Membership.
  • 3rd Place will get Three months of a free membership into the Startup Program Membership.
  • People’s Choice Award - this will based on YOUR votes! This is for the pitch with the highest number of votes from the audience wins. 

Step 3: Startup Grind Global Pitch Battles
Startup Grind HQ will select Top 10 best pitches from around the world to compete on Global Pitch Battles in September 2020. If you are selected, you will be presenting Beijing to compete with the other nine entrepreneurs from around the world and have a chance to win a full list of amazing prizes from Startup Grind, such as - extended startup membership, cash prizes, social media mentions from SG, etc

What is the Agenda for the Startup Grind Beijing Virtual Pitch Battles & Global Pitch Battles?

The agenda for Global Pitch Battles is yet to be confirmed. However, please view below for the detailed agenda of Startup Grind Beijing Virtual Pitch Battles.
Date: Wednesday, 26th August 2020
Time: 7PM (GMT +8 | China Standard Time)

  • 7PM – 7: 10PM: Introduction of Startup Grind & Judges
  • 7:10PM – 7:30PM: Virtual Pitch Battles from 5 Selected Entrepreneurs
  • 7:30PM – 7:45PM: Internal Deliberation
  • 7:45PM – 7:50PM: 3 Winners Announcements + Team Photos

Please register to watch & vote for your favorite pitch: https://startupgrind.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_gGrvypHsR36CoxdTK51bjQ

What are the requirements to join the Startup Grind Beijing Local Pitch Battles?

  • A meaningful number of active users
    • Eg. if it's a B2B SaaS startup, they must have paying clients (and not those on free trials) - If it's a B2C startup, then user numbers at least in the high 100s/1000s would be necessary
  • Be revenue-generating
    • Eg. if B2B SaaS, they must have paying clients. The best B2B SaaS companies we've had in the past have been generating monthly revenues of $10k+
    • Eg. if B2C, the revenue doesn't matter as much provided that they have a large number of users as mentioned above!
  • The product must have launched.
  • There must be a full-time team.
  • Venture-backed is a bonus, but not absolutely necessary.
  • Startup representative must speak English to compete in Global Pitch Competition - Not in the "services" industry - eg. accountants, or a law firm small businesses, etc. 

What do I need to do to participate in Startup Grind Beijing Local Pitch Battles:

Step 1: Please read the requirements and make sure that you are eligible to participate

Step 2: Upload your video on Youtube, and Please register through this google form. Link here: https://forms.gle/QkG5sBPpT9fJTUsSA. We understand that some entrepreneurs may not be able to access google based platforms in China. Thus, if you have any issues or any questions related to this Pitch Battles, please reach out to our teammate; Madeleine at madeleine@startupgrind.com.

What are the criteria to deliver a winning pitch?

  • Value Proposition: What are you doing? What problem are you solving for the customer? What value are you delivering to the customer?
  • Market Opportunity: Why should we care? Opportunity is sizable enough to go after.
  • Pitch Clarity: Presented in a clear, concise, and compelling manner within the given time frame.

Where can I watch the Startup Grind Beijing Local Pitch Battles?

The link for live-streaming the pitch will be sent out through Startup Grind Beijing’s WeChat official account, Instagram, facebook, and WeChat group. Thus, please stay tuned by following us on our social media channels:

  • WeChat Official Account: SG-Beijing
  • WeChat Groups: Please add WeChat ID: Maddy_Madeleine and ask to be added to our community group chat.
  • Instagram: @StartupGrindBeijing
  • Facebook: @StartupGrindBJ

Who do I reach out to if I have some questions regarding this Pitch Battles?

Please reach out to Madeleine through email at Madeleine@startupgrind.com.

Check out what happened


  • Chubing Li

    Golden Feather New Technology Co., LTD


  • Loren Edward Heinold

    Baozza Food & Beverage, LTD.


  • Wahed AHMADZAI



  • Ilya Cheremnikh

    Culture Yard


  • Benjamin Claeys

    QRTIGER | 二维彩虹

    Founder & CEO


  • Jonas Wolf


    People Growth Team Lead


  • Biman Najika Liyanage

    CirQ Technologies

    Founder and Partner

  • James LaLonde

    Yodo1 Games

    Co-Founder, Investor and Board Member

  • Martin Barnes

    Mountains of Imagination



  • Madeleine Madeleine

    Startup Grind Beijing


  • Yasemin Cilt

    Startup Grind

    Community Manager


  • Rebecca Xie

    Startup Grind Beijing


  • Yami Sun

    Startup Grind Beijing



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