Startup Ecosystem Roadmap to Beijing - Navigating unchartered Waters

Wed, Apr 29, 2020, 4:00 PM (CST)

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Startup Ecosystem Roadmap to Beijing

Navigating unchartered Waters

Each Startup Ecosystem is unique – offering opportunities, but also challenges for entrepreneurs.

Before starting a journey to unchartered waters, we want to guide startup founders through the specialties of top startup ecosystems.

Our first journey will bring you to Beijing, the capital of China, and the heart of Chinese entrepreneurship.

In partnership with Startup Grind Greater China, The Lab, and Founders Lair, we are launching a series of events about Startup Ecosystems in China. Our goal is to popularize the common knowledge about ecosystems and the different players needed by startups to have a smooth journey. Every month we will focus on one ecosystem in China. A general introduction will firstly be made, highlighting specialties in player constellations and resources. In the second part, we will invite a local expert to share his/her insights on the ecosystem.

As the saying goes "It takes a community to raise a startup" – and we will show you who you need to know and where you can go to have a smooth start in a new city.

In this session we will:

1. Introduce all crucial players of the Beijing Startup Ecosystem in a macro perspective

2. Dive into special case studies that will help you to understand the uniqueness of Beijing

3. Showing you ways to find mentors, communities, and access points to have a smooth beginning

4. Highlighting No-go’s and red flags most people are not aware of when entering the Beijing Startup ecosystem.

We will give all startup participants the opportunity to get one-on-one mentorship afterward about their unique goals to enter the Beijing market.

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