Stew Johnson (Hatchery)

5LMeet - 北京市东城区东四九条88号 (88 Dongsi 9th Alley) - a two minute walk from the Zhangzizhonglu subway station Beijing, 10000 Beijing
Wed, Nov 30, 2016, 6:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Stew Johnson is co-founder of the Hatchery, not just a unique restaurant, but also a platform dedicated to supporting and growing China’s next generation of food entrepreneurs and concepts. As China’s first incubator dedicated to food and beverage, the Hatchery provides a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with consumers, investors, mentors, chefs and food experts — supporting new brands through the critical early stage of launching, testing and validating a business.

Stew Johnson是Hatchery的联合创始人。Hatchery不仅仅是一家独特的餐厅,也是一个致力于推广食品行业新概念、帮助中国下一代食品行业创业家的平台。作为中国第一家专注于餐饮行业的孵化器,Hatchery为创业者们提供了一个与消费者、投资人、创业导师、主厨以及食品专家互相联系的平台,通过严格的发布、测试和实施流程,Hatchery一直在支持新品牌的发展。

Stew founded his first company in education with Chinese partners and team in early 2012 (Alpha Partners Education) and second in food and beverage with a Kiwi partner and mixed team in 2015 (Hatchery). He currently balances executive and co-founder roles at both companies, focused mainly on product, strategy and business development. 

Stew在北京创立了两家公司,分别是于2012年与中国合伙人在教育领域成立了自己的第一家公司(Alpha Partners Education),于2015年与来自新西兰的合伙人在餐饮领域创立了第二家公司(Hatchery)。目前他在两家公司都担当着管理者和创始人的角色,主要集中在产品、战略和业务拓展方面。同时,Stew对新时代的网络技术也有着浓厚的兴趣,他的两家公司都有或者计划推出应用系统。



Wednesday, Nov 30
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CST)


北京市东城区东四九条88号 (88 Dongsi 9th Alley) - a two minute walk from the Zhangzizhonglu subway station Beijing10000

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