We Are Hosting Diane Cook-Tench from BrandGoodness

InnCube - 9th Floor of JingChao Plaza, No. 5 NongZhanGuan South Rd. 地点:inncube众舍联合办公室, 农展馆南路5号京朝大厦9层 Beijing, 100020 - View Map Beijing
Sun, Nov 17, 2019, 9:00 AM (CST)

About this event


We live in a world where consumers actively resist standard marketing. So it’s imperative to stop marketing at people. The idea is to create an environment where consumers will market to each other.

Word of mouth dies out, but innovative, creative ideas get bigger. Creative ideas are the currency of the future. While creativity in business isn’t new, contagious ideas have never been more important. Today, people are obsessed with the new, and contagious ideas by their very nature are always about the new.

Creative business ideas are making people rich and most important, these ideas are changing the world. If you can get people to accept, cherish

and embrace your ideas, you win. You’ll win financially and perhaps, you’ll change the world in which we live


This half-day workshop is geared around teaching people how to unleash their creativity. We’ll use proven brainstorming techniques to solve quick problems and demonstrate the power of working in small teams.


People will leave with:

• Useful techniques that they can be employed to generate creative ideas on a wide variety of platforms against a range of branding, marketing, and future new product development.

• Examples of specific brainstorming techniques applied to successful, real-world applications.

• An understanding of how to produce large amounts of new ideas with their teams.

Classroom Needs:

• Video Screen/projection system capable of showing a deck.

• Tables/chairs accommodating 20-24 students.

• Place to pinup large pieces of paper with ideas. (This can be an easel that I can place a

foam-core board on with pushpins.)


Participants need to bring a notebook and pen.


  • Diane Cook-Trench

    Diane Cook-Trench



    Named to the Educators Hall Of Fame by the One Club of Creativity, Diane is known for training elite, creative communicators.

    She’s the founder of the VCU Brandcenter. Under her leadership as Executive Director, its early foundation enabled later recognized as the number-one ranked creative communications school in the US. Brandcenter alumni have gone one to hold leadership positions i...

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  • When

    Sunday, Nov 17
    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CST)


    9th Floor of JingChao Plaza, No. 5 NongZhanGuan South Rd. 地点:inncube众舍联合办公室, 农展馆南路5号京朝大厦9层 Beijing100020

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