We are hosting Marty Pollack | 马丁| 首席运营官 COO and Co-Founder of Torch Coffee Company

Apr 2, 2020, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Startup Grind China is honored to have Marty Pollack for a lively discussion about his 15+ years as a super-connector and coffee KOL in China. During this fireside chat he will share with us the most important lessons he’s learned from his mentors along the way. We will also gain helpful insights into discovering, growing and sustaining mutually beneficial mentor-mentee relationships.

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We are hosting Marty Pollack | 马丁| 首席运营官 COO and Co-Founder of Torch Coffee Company

Marty Pollack is the Co-Owner of Torch Coffee. He has a passionate commitment to improving the quality of coffee from crop to cup and the lives those at each step of the coffee value chain. He is an expert in coffee sensory analyses and loves building networks to bridge stakeholders in the industry.

Marty Pollack是Torch咖啡合伙人。马丁致力于提高咖啡从种植到杯子的质量。它是咖啡感官分析的专家,并喜欢与行业内的利益相关者建立关系。马丁是SCA和CQI认证的导师,手把手教接咖啡知识与经验。马丁精通汉语和英语,并真有汉语语言和文化的本科学位

He is an authorized SCA & CQI Q-Grader instructor, bringing hands-on knowledge and experience to the classroom. Marty is bilingual in Chinese and English and has a BA in Chinese Language and Culture. Torch Coffee follows a fellowship model with their suppliers, distributors, clients, and retailers. Education and building empathy are at the center of what they do. Marty believes that through working with both retail side coffee professionals and Farmers that Torch and others can make a change in the way coffee is traded around the world. 他说 “我希望透过和咖啡零售业的咖啡专业人士和农户能进一步的促进咖啡公平交易”

As Chief Operating Officer of Torch, Marty has not only had the opportunity to mentor staff and partners at different stages of their professional development but he also has the chance to mentor other entrepreneurs as they hone their skills and sharpen their processes for improving their own businesses.

In this Fireside Chat Webinar, We will discuss these questions :

  • 在本次炉边聊天网络研讨会中,我们将讨论以下问题
  • How to build relationships that build strong business?
  • 如何建立有助于商业实力增长的良性人际关系?
  • How can a young entrepreneur find a mentor in their field?
  • 年轻创业者如何在其所在领域找到合适的商业导师?
  • How to validate if a mentorship is actually working well?
  • 如何证实某指导是否具有实质效用?
  • How to better promote your products and services in China?
  • 如何在中国更好地推广自己的产品与服务?

About Torch Coffee Company

Nestled in the famous tea terraces and coffee farms of Pu'er in the Yunnan Province, Torch operates a comprehensive coffee institute, with a fully functional café, roasting factory, and coffee training lab They offer hands-on experiences right at origin. With active operations along the whole vertical, Torch is positioned with a unique opportunity to give coffee trainees a comprehensive learning experience by visiting and learning about coffee production at the farms and processing facilities year-round, bringing a fuller understanding of the coffee industry from farm to cafe. They offer Q- Grader, Roasting, and Brewing courses monthly, as well as provide additional experiences to round off any coffee professional skillset or cafe owner’s enrichment.

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  • Marty Pollack

    Torch Coffee Co

    COO | Cofounder



Thursday, April 2, 2020
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


Fireside Chat
Q & A


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    Startup Grind Beijing


  • Yami Sun

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