We are hosting Patricia Wang & Wendy Wu | May 9th

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing faster than ever. Transforming industries and driving billion-dollar investments globally, not only is it the center of most innovations, it's also the center of most conversations. But what's not commonly mentioned are the brilliant AI technologists fueling the breakthroughs, specifically the women who are shaping the industry behind the scenes. Diversity is key to any innovation but more so in a field like AI, where inventions have immeasurable impact to the future.

Join us as we speak with two women whose personal journeys have led them to become leaders and role models for the industry.



Wednesday, May 9
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (CST)


My Dream Plus
Floor 3, ChaoWai MEN Building, No.26 ChaoYangMenWai DaJie, ChaoYang District Beijing10000

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