We are hosting Raz Gal-Or of Y-CHINA 歪果仁研究协会

About this event

About This Event

The Founders Lunch is a special concept Startup Grind Beijing offers to founders in the local Startup ecosystem. One of the most important learnings any founder can have is learning from the expertise, success, and failures of fellow entrepreneurs. We ensure that the group is small and only founders and Co-founders of registered startups are allowed to participate. At each Founders Lunch, we invite one founder to host the session and talk about a topic that is relevant for other founders.


How to Leverage Social Media to Build a Business?

Brands that leverage social media successfully have the luxury of always being a part of the online conversation. Not only do they have a direct line to consumers, but they also have the opportunity to establish themselves as industry experts through helpful and informative content.

However, developing an effective social media strategy is easier said than done. Brands can’t simply take a “pay and spray” approach where they buy multiple ads and hope the spots end up in front of the right eyeballs. Lucrative social media strategies take time and research. This time we are happy to invite Raz, founder of Y-China歪果仁研究协会 to share with us his experience.


Please reach out to Rebecca Xie on WeChat for registration, her WeChat is "rebeccaxienyc", or you can email Yasemin at yasemin@startupgrind.com before 31st March 2022 17:00 (GMT + 8 | China Standard Time)



Friday, Apr 1
11:45 AM - 1:15 PM (CST)



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