We are hosting Sarah Zhang (Points)

Beijing Vanke Center, Nongzhan South Road A-No.1 Chaoyang 北京市朝阳区农展馆南路甲-1号北京万科中心 - Nongzhan South Road A-No.1 Beijing, 10000 Beijing
Sun, Aug 26, 2018, 10:00 AM (CST)

About this event

Blockchain and Data Collaboration


How Blockchain can Protect your Privacy

in Data Sharing


Learn at the First Part during our Fireside Chat with Sarah about:


  • What blockchain is and what the common misconceptions are
  • 什么是区块链?都有哪些常见的误解?
  • Blockchain applications in different industries (e.g. financial services, healthcare, public sector, digital marketing, human resources, logistics, etc.)
  • 不同产业里的区块链应用
  • žThe major on-going projects and explorations
  • 主要在进行的项目和探索

In the Second Part of the event we will have a case discussion about Data Collaboration Protocol in FinTech and data sharing.


Problem: the dilemma in data sharing, i.e., increasing size of data, increasing need for data sharing efficiency, and growing concerns on privacy/security

问题: 数据分享的瓶颈,例如,数据比例的增长,数据分享有效化的需求性增长,私密性/安全性的关注度增长

žSolution: blockchain backed data collaboration protocol


žUse Case: A specific use case of data collaboration protocol – credit scoring – will be introduced and discussed in detail, including the vision, product/technology design, ecosystem partners, and progress

利用案例:数据合作协议的特殊运用 - 信用记录 - 未来会详细介绍和说明,包括视野,物品/科技设计,生态系统的伙伴,和进程。

About the Speaker


Sarah Zhang is the founder of Points, the first truly scalable blockchain data collaboration protocol for better credit scoring and inclusive finance. Prior to Points, she was the ex-COO of Segway Robotics Inc., where she spearheaded the development of its developer community of more than 3000 participants including MIT, Intel and BMW. She was also formerly a product manager at Amazon. Her blockchain beginning started in 2013 when she was previously an early employee of Tim Draper’s accelerator, Draper University. In addition to founding Points, Sarah is the chair of dCamp, a Beijing-based blockchain developer and investor community.

Sarah Zhang是Points的创始人,第一家真正意义上,在信用评估并包含金融信息上用区块链数据合作拟合的公司。在Points之前,她曾是赛格威的前任首席运营官,领导着超过3000人的研发团队,其中包括MIT, Intel 和 BMW。她也曾担任Amazon之前的产品经理。2013年她接触了区块链,当她还是一名来自Deaper大学,Tim Draper催化器的早期员工。为了创办Points,Sarah成为了dCmap的主席,一个落于北京关于区块链开发和研制的团体。

Sarah received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


About Points - PTS

关于Points - PTS

Co-Founded in 2017 by Sarah Zhang, and Kate Shen, Points (PTS) is the first truly scalable blockchain data collaboration protocol for better credit scoring and inclusive finance, providing the unbanked with access to fair financial services. Built on the blockchain, Points is enhanced by AI that is trained on data from 500 million credit profiles, contributed by partners including Zhong Cheng Xin Credit Technology Ltd. and Teleinfo, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). With $8 Million in funding, Points is backed by seasoned investors including DHVC, Cherubic Ventures, Ce Yuan, Ontology Foundation, Nest.Bio Ventures, and Zhong Cheng Xin Credit Technology Ltd. Points is based in Singapore with offices in Beijing and San Francisco.

Points由 Sarah Zhang 和 Kate Shen 创办于2017年,是第一家真正意义上,在信用评估并包含金融信息上用区块链数据合作拟合的公司,提供了无账户下就可进行公平金融交易的服务。在区块链的建树上,Points用人工智能技术可处理5亿信用配置文件,得益于商业伙伴们的支持,其中包括中诚信技术有限公司和MIIT。800万美金的资金支撑,Points背后经验丰富的老练投资者们包括 DHVC, Cherubic Ventures, Ce Yuan, Ontology Foundation Nest.Bio Ventures 和中诚信技术有限公司。Points总部位于新加坡,在北京和旧金山都有办公地点。

For more information about Points, visit https://Points.org.




Sunday, Aug 26
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM (CST)


Beijing Vanke Center, Nongzhan South Road A-No.1 Chaoyang 北京市朝阳区农展馆南路甲-1号北京万科中心
Nongzhan South Road A-No.1 Beijing10000

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