We are hosting Zheng Guo (Daimler China Incubator, Startup Autobahn)

Mar 6, 2018, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

WeWork Wangjing, 16 South Guangshun Street, 17th Floor, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 10000

Why startups and corporations should work together? By forming mutually beneficial partnerships startups and corporations can take advantage of both side’s unique resources and reach synergy effect through cooperation. Learn from Startup Autobahn and Daimler how Startups and corporations can successfully work together.

In-person event

About this event

Why startups and corporations should work together?

Innovation is a process that requires constant movement. Startups invent and built new business models, if they are successful, they scale-up and grow rapidly, once they reach a certain size, they become corporates themselves, unable to move as quickly as before and limiting their innovative impact. Finally, large corporations seek out again the innovation support from Start-ups and Scale-ups alike. By forming mutually beneficial partnerships startups and corporations can take advantage of both side’s unique resources and reach synergy effect through cooperation.

Join our event on 6th of March in order to see how Daimler and startups together shape the Future Mobility.



欢迎加入3月6日的Startup Grind,和我们一同探索戴姆勒公司如何携手初创企业,共创移动出行的未来!

What is Startup Autobahn?

“Autobahn”, its namesake is the high-speed German highway – the worldwide renown one with no limits.

Startup Autobahn was founded by Daimler in 2016. It unites global young tech companies with the unrivalled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering and it further promotes the innovation and upgrading of the industry.

In 2017, Startup Autobahn entered China. Led by its core German engineering and the spirit of Silicon Valley, it has developed cooperation with 9 top local startups and has accomplished their product development within 100 days. Startup Autobahn is devoting to building up a highway with no limit for young tech companies in China!


Startup Autobahn由戴姆勒集团于2016年创立,旨在将德国智造与硅谷精神融合,连接全球新兴科技公司,加速推动产业链的创新升级。

2017年,Startup Autobahn来到中国,秉承德国智造的精髓,以硅谷创新精神驱动,与9家优秀的本土企业展开合作,在100天的时间内实现了产品的开发,为中国新兴科技公司打造一条“不限速”的产业创业创新高速公路!

Who will be the barometer in guiding the future ?

What will industry titans do to collaborate with startups and promote innovation ?

Welcome to Startup Autobahn! Here you can find out your answer!

Get ready! Startup Autobahn is the innovation highway with no limit!

Join us! Together, we will witness the future of mobility engineering!



欢迎来到 Startup Autobahn,我们将为你一一揭晓。

系好安全带,Startup Autobahn 这条创新之路绝不限速


Please note-

1. We also have Startup Pitches at every event. If you are a founder/co-founder interested in introducing your startup/idea to our audience.

2. If you are a founder/co-founder of a startup, you can attend the event for free.

We have limited free tickets and pitching slots for every event and you can use the following link to register.


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  • Zheng Guo

    Daimler China Incubator



10:00 AMSign-in
10:30 AMStartup Quickfire Pitches
11:00 AMIntroduction of Startup Autobahn
11:15 AMFireside Chat with Zheng Guo
12:00 PMNetworking


  • Rebecca Xie

    Startup Grind Beijing


  • Yami Sun

    Startup Grind Beijing



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