We are hosting Zi Wang & Stephen Tse

Innoway - Innoplanet - 中关村创业大街6号楼B1,北京市海淀区海淀西大街48号 B1, No.6 Building, Innoway, No. 48 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing Beijing, 10000 Beijing
Fri, Mar 30, 2018, 6:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Blockchain has captured the imagination of (dreamers & builders), (engineers & businessmen), and (entrepreneurs & investors). Yet much of the discussion around Blockchain's potential remains abstract. Too much of focus is on the speculation of token sales and crypto-exchanges. For clarity - we will NOT be discussing those topics.

Our goal is to move beyond the theoretical to the practical. We want to discuss real-world applications for real problems for real people.

Like millions of technologists and entrepreneurs, it is critically important to embrace Blockchain technology not just about disintermediating the middlemen (displacing jobs) or automating manual processes. While true, Blockchain will disrupt outdated industries, it has so much more to offer. Blockchain can help reduce cost, remove the mundane and repetitive tasks, eliminating duplicate effort. I think it is more exciting to create new economic opportunity, improve supply & demand efficiency, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Zi & Stephen will lead a group of Blockchain & AI founders, experts who worked on the blockchain technology already for decades to discuss their technology & business plan. Come and join us for another inspiring fireside chat to learn from Zi & Stephen.

As an entrepreneur and tech futurist, Zi is passionate about creative design & future of computing. Prior to founding his startup companies, Zi was a Creative Director at Google, leading some of the most successful products [Android, Chrome]. He was the first Global Creative Director for the Google hardware team and co-founded Google ACME Research Lab, a $20M lab funded by Larry Page to work on AI projects.

Zi has spent the past 2 years leading an AI startup to work with Corning, Google, and Toyota to develop next-generation AI products. Expect some of these R&D products to ship in the 2nd half of 2018.

Zi is an active member of Stanford University's CodeX Blockchain group; our mission is to bring together researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and technologists to advance Blockchain.

Our vision is to be earth’s most helpful real estate company. At Third Planet, our business is to create & protect values for the global real estate ecosystem: developers, investors and owners. We are on a mission to create new sales channels for developers, increase investor liquidity, and most importantly, we want to help millions of people to have a better way of living.

Stephen has been obsessedwith protocols and compilers since high school. He reverse- engineered ICQ and X11 protocols, coded in OCaml for 15+ years, and graduated with a doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania on security protocols and compiler verification.

Stephen was a researcher at Microsoft, a senior infrastructure engineer at Google, and a principal engineer on search ranking at Apple. He founded the mobile search Spotsetter, a startup acquired by Apple.

Stephen hosts a weekly gathering, TGI- $, Machine Learning and Blockchain over Drinks with Ex-Googler founders.

Currently, Stephen is working on Harmony Protocol to scale blockchain to 10M tx/sec and 100-millisecond latency. Harmony will bring 1,000x speed and capacity to the next generation of the decentralized economy, enabling marketplaces for 10B people and 100B devices.



Friday, Mar 30
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CST)


Innoway - Innoplanet
中关村创业大街6号楼B1,北京市海淀区海淀西大街48号 B1, No.6 Building, Innoway, No. 48 Haidian West Street, Haidian District, Beijing Beijing10000

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