When Art & Innovation Converge 当艺术与创新融合时

Monday, March 25, 2019, 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM UTC

Straight from Madrid, Israeli serial entrepreneur Nir Hindi is coming to Beijing! Nir is the founder of The Artian, an innovation and creativity company that applies practices combining art, engineering, technology, and science! Join us to explore why the concepts of art, innovation, and entrepreneurship are complementary and have more in common than you think

About this event

When Art & Innovation Converge

Why Art is the Answer for Companies and Startups to Overcome Innovation and Creativity Challenges?


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Language: The event is held in English

活动语言: 活动语 言为英语

Art, entrepreneurship, and innovation may have more in common than you think. Join Startup Grind Beijing next Monday, March 25th on an evening to find out how the concepts of art and entrepreneurship are complementary, why creativity is a matter of commitment, rather than resources, and how innovation is the outcome of combining talents that require the use of our brain’s right (creative) and left (analytical) hemispheres.

We are delighted to welcome serial entrepreneur Nir Hindi visiting us from Madrid. Nir is the founder of The Artian, an innovation and creativity company that applies methods and practices from the art world by combining them with knowledge from the business and entrepreneurship worlds to help organizations create and foster a creative and innovative environment that merges art, engineering, technology, and science.

Some highlights of the fireside chat with Nir will include:

1. What would Leonardo da Vinci do today as the founder of a Startup?

2. How art is challenging innovation, and why companies need more artists?

3. How the core concepts of “Renascence Thinking” are helping startups to deal with innovation and creativity challenges?

4. How the entrepreneur of the XXI century should acquire the right skills to successfully adapt to changes?

艺术,创业和创新可能比想象的更有共同点。 3月25日下周一加入Startup Grind北京了解艺术和企业家精神的概念是如何互补的,为什么创造力是一种承诺而不是资源,以及创新是如何综合使用我们的左右脑。

我们很高兴欢迎连续企业家Nir Hindi,他来自马德里,是The Artian的创始人,The Artian是一家创新和创意公司,通过将其与商业和创业世界的知识相结合,运用艺术的方法和实践,帮助组织创造和培养融合艺术,工程,技术和科学。


1. 作为创业公司的创始人,莱昂纳多达芬奇今天会做些什么?

2. 艺术如何挑战创新,以及公司需要更多艺术家的原因?

3. “重生思维”的核心概念如何帮助创业公司应对创新和创造力挑战?

4. 二十一世纪的企业家应如何获得成功适应变化的正确技能?

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