Zoom on the Hanoi Startup Ecosystem

Aug 29, 2020, 7:00 – 8:00 AM

Each startup ecosystem is unique – offering opportunities as well as challenges for entrepreneurs. This event is part of a series on diverse startup ecosystems discoveries. We will show you who to know and where to go when venturing out to Vietnam’s technological hub and capital city, and is brought to you by Startup Grind Beijing, Startup Grind Hanoi and Founders Lair.

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About this event

Discovering an Asia technological hub through Beijing's lens

Zoom on the Hanoi Startup Ecosystem

Each startup ecosystem is unique – offering opportunities as well as challenges for entrepreneurs.

After the first event on the Beijing startup ecosystem, we are back again to discover another Asian technological hub.

This event is a cross-collaboration between Startup Grind Beijing and Startup Grind Hanoi. We are coming together to propose an insightful perspective on our respective ecosystems from our Community Builders' point of view. We partnered with Founders Lair, who supported us with extensive research and invaluable data.

In this session, we will show you who to know and where to go when venturing out in Vietnam’s hub and capital city.

Firstly, we'll walk you through a general introduction of the Hanoi startup ecosystem, by exploring the following:

1. Introducing all crucial players from a macro perspective

2. Diving into special case studies to help you understand the ecosystem’s uniqueness

3. Showing you heroes to tap into for a smooth entrepreneurial start

A comparison between the two Asian hubs - Beijing and Hanoi, will then be made by local experts during a fireside chat. They will share their insights about the ecosystems, and answer any burning questions from the audience.

The APAC region is rich in technological hubs, and this event is catered for all the curious minds out there interested in learning about the similarities and differences of two diverse startup ecosystems in the region.

Make sure to tune in to learn and have fun!

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  • Hachi Bui

    Startup Grind Hanoi



  • Sabrina Benioudren

    Startup Grind Beijing



  • Rebecca Xie

    Startup Grind Beijing


  • Yami Sun

    Startup Grind Beijing



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