Breaking Barriers: Insights from Forbes 30 Under 30 Women Leaders

Sunday, June 18, 2023, 1:45 – 3:45 PM UTC

As we honor Women's Leader Month, we shine a spotlight on the trailblazing women who have carved their paths in the business and tech world. Join us with Forbes 30 under 30 Sheba Roy and Ria Mirchandani on a one-on-one panel discussion as part of our virtual marketing event "Sell It" to gain insights, learn from their experiences, and get inspired by their remarkable journeys.

Virtual event
Panel Discussion

About this event

Join us for an empowering Sell It women-led Panel Discussion during Startup Grind Women Leader Month! 

 Save the Date: 18th June

Time: 7:30 pm IST

Get ready to be inspired by Forbes 30 under 30 remarkable women leaders, Sheba Roy and Ria Mirchandani, as they share their journeys and insights in the startup world. 

Sheba Roy, the force behind multimillion-dollar partnership deals at Google, and Ria Mirchandani, the young prodigy formerly driving innovation at WhatsApp Payments, will take the stage to share their stories of success and ambition.

Learn from their experiences, discover their secrets to scaling businesses, and be inspired by their trailblazing journeys. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and celebrate the achievements of women in entrepreneurship. 

Join us as we ignite the spirit of innovation, empower aspiring entrepreneurs, and showcase the power of women in business. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready for an evening of inspiration and networking!

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  • Sheba Roy

    Global Solutions Marketing, Equinix


  • Ria Mirchandani

    Whatsapp Payments

    Former Product Lead


  • Nandini Mishra

    Startup Grind Bhubaneswar

    Event Manager


  • Prachi Arunima

    StartupGrind Bhubaneswar

    Co Director


  • Aayush Vats

    Startup Grind

    Chapter Director

  • Prachi Arunima

    Startup Grind Bhubaneswar

    Chapter Co-director

  • Nandini Mishra

    StartupGrind Bhubaneswar

    Event Manager

  • Aditi Pattnaik

    Startup Grind Bhubaneshwar

    Chief Marketing Strategist

  • Satyaprakash Sahoo

    Community Manager

  • Shreyas Pande

    Research Lead

  • Arsh singh

    Content Lead

  • Bhabarnab Talukdar

    Graphic Design Lead

  • Swapnil Mukherjee

    Startup Grind Bhubaneswar

    Marketing Lead

  • Aashish Singh

    Operations Manager

  • Aryan Pattnaik

    Startup Grind Bhubaneswar


  • Harsh Vardhan

    Startup Grind Bhubaneswar