The Significance of Entrepreneurship for the Indian youth

Saturday, March 27, 2021, 10:30 – 11:45 AM UTC

We are excited to present our next event, a fireside chat with Kilaru Naga Sravan, founder at Yuvagalam and a national youth award winner. Tune in with us for an insightful chat where we will talk about Kilaru's journey as a founder, a social activist, and as a youth icon in the field of politics.

About this event

  • Who: Kilaru Naga Sravan, Entrepreneur, Activist, Youth politician
  • What: Fireside Chat
  • Where: Virtual (link will be emailed)
  • When: Saturday, March 27th, from 4:00-5:15 pm(IST)
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In this fireside chat with Kilaru Naga Sravan, we'll be having a discussion about the skills needed in an entrepreneur in managing and starting a startup. We'll also be having a conversation about the importance of engaging entrepreneurs and youth in building a better political and democratic landscape of India.

Speaker Bio:-

Naga Sravan Kilaru is the founder of Yuvagalam and the National Youth Awardee for 2018. An advocate for youth empowerment and leadership in politics, he's best known for spearheading the Yuva Galam movement between September to December 2018. As part of this, he cycled 1800 km from Srikakulam to Guntur, speaking at hundreds of colleges and interacting with thousands of students. His message was simple - take part in politics, your voice matters, realizing your aspirations is what will make India truly democratic.

Startup Bio:-

Yuva Galam (roughly Young Voice in Telugu) began as a simple idea of a small team in Vijayawada. The idea was this - youth is not the future of India, it is the present. YuvaGalam was Launched on August 12th, International Youth day in Icchapuram, Srikakulam in this campaign Naga Sravan Kilaru intends to Travel for 3000kms, over a span of 100 days from Srikakulam to Anantapur interacting with 100000 youth to understand their aspirations and dreams and draft the First every Youth Manifesto.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021
10:30 AM – 11:45 AM UTC


10:30 AMPre Call and Introductions
10:45 AMFireside Chat
11:15 AMQ and A
11:30 AMNetworking Session