Binarium - Staré Grunty 18 Bratislava, 84104 Bratislava
Tue, Oct 23, 2018, 6:00 PM (CEST)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) influences which films you watch on Netflix, it can analyze the speed of movement of traffic or it warns your bank that your credit card number might be in the hands of a fraudster. Some say it will advance the humanity, others say it will doom it. Hype and exaggeration surround everything around AI so it's important to come to terms with what potential possibilities and dangers it poses.

AI in healthcare is the use of algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data. From creating cutting-edge medical devices, via reducing misdiagnosis to taking better care of patients; medicine is reaching a turning point thanks to AI.

But let's not jump on the bandwagon blindly. It's essential to answer questions such as:

- What are the successful use cases for AI in healthcare?
- How can AI help address the sector's most pressing challenges?
- How far would we be prepared to go?
- What security issues need to be resolved?
- How can we ensure that AI use in healthcare is done ethically and sustainably?
- Overall, is AI the next frontier in healthcare?

All of these questions will be touched upon by field experts in this panel discussion.

Martin Majerník

Apart from co-founding Black Swan Rational (R&D for big data, ML and applied AI solutions) and co-founding SciCurve (life science search engine detecting trends), Martin currently works as Product Development Lead at CEAI, Inc. At CEAI, they build startups in industries such as finance, biotech & healthcare and sustainability & energy, where there are opportunities to use AI.

Martin Herman
Apart from co-founding Bethereum (a social sports betting platform built on the Blockchain) and founding Powerful Digital (creative studio), Martin co-founded Powerful Medical. Powerful Medical is a company that provides innovative healthcare solutions with focus to integrate cutting edge technologies into the medical field.

Juraj Bardy
Juraj works at public service since 2009 and is an expert on digital innovation. Juraj currently works as Managing Partner at Alistiq (a team who supports governments to increase their performance and to provide high quality service) and proposed and supervised the implementation of the national eHealth solution in Kosovo. Moreover, he's a regular speaker at ITAPA conferences, the biggest events in Slovakia dedicated to digitalization of public sector (eGovernment).

Petra Dzurovčinová
Petra worked as an Executive Manager at SAPIE (the Slovak Alliance for Innovative Economy) and currently she's CEO at Freya Care. Freya gives women and men more freedom to choose when and how to have children and cover them financially in case they experience fertility issues. Petra basically has innnovation in the core of what she does all the time.

A 3-hour mixer complete with cold beverages and great company. 
We are looking forward to all of you to help us shape the local startup community!

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Tuesday, Oct 23
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CEST)


Staré Grunty 18 Bratislava84104

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