Bootstrapping: A Founder's Perspective

Thu, Jun 17, 6:30 PM (AEST)

Our second event for 2021 focuses on the pros and cons of Bootstrapping. For many early stage ventures, initial capital comes from sweat equity, customers, personal debt, or personal savings. Bootstrapping can be liberating or limiting depending on your mindset. View the podcast and attend our Live Q&A on Zoom on Thursday, 17th June at 6.30pm. Registration closes Monday, 14th June at 5.00pm.

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And next up... our second virtual event for 2021! This time we're focusing on Bootstrapping - another hot topic for startups.  Don't miss this Live Q&A and make sure you view the Podcast beforehand :-)

Live Q&A on Bootstrapping - A Founder's Perspective

Bootstrapping is hard.

Many entrepreneurs start building their venture with very little money and no outside investment. Instead, they rely on sweat equity, customers, personal debt, or personal savings to provide initial capital. Bootstrapping is liberating when it focuses and builds commitment to a vision. But it can be limiting from a financial and resource perspective.

This second Podcast and Live Q&A in our Startup Funding Series explores the pros and cons of Bootstrapping - don't miss it! Join Startup Grind Brisbane Chapter Directors, Roop Bhadury and Anthony Davidson, as they discuss what it takes to succeed with Bootstrapping.

Roop is an experienced entrepreneur with 20 years in digital media, AdTech and MarTech. Anthony is a marketing expert and Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland Business School. Their current startup, Engag3d, successfully bootstrapped the first three years of operations.

  • Learn the different funding stages of bootstrapping

  • Discover what's needed to successfully bootstrap

  • Consider advantages and disadvantages for your venture

This Live Q&A will be held on Thursday, 17th June at 6.30pm. Registration closes Monday, 14th June.

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  • Roop Kumar Bhadury

    Roop Kumar Bhadury


    CEO & Founder

    Roop an experienced entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in Customer Engagement, New Product Development, Product Management, Digital Media and New Venture Creation. His involvement with startups has had a big role to play in achieving this diversity. He has designed and built products for the advertising, classifieds, education and recruitment sectors and has led 20-30 person tec...

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    Thursday, Jun 17
    6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (AEST)

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      Anthony Davidson


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      Roop Bhadury

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      Anthony Davidson


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