Ian Reynolds, President, BWCC, in conversation with Tara-Jay Rimmer, Founder, The Van that Can

The Precinct (TC Beirne Building) - Level 2, 315 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley, 4006 Brisbane
Wed, Oct 30, 2019, 6:00 PM (AEST)

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Content series: Autonomous Enquiry Management

Anthony Davidson, PhD is VP Strategy at Engag3d and Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland Business School where he also teaches Marketing to executives.

Managing customer enquiries is hard. Especially if you are trying to grow, manage existing customers, build a team and manage support, all at once. Once a customer enquires, you need a system to segment the request based on type, urgency and customer category (among others) and use this information to drive hyper personalised communication. Doing this with most tools is pretty complex and requires weeks of planning and setup.

Listen to Anthony speak about Autonomous Enquiry Management and learn how to handle nuanced customer communication effortlessly. This is a part of ongoing series of content around Autonomous Marketing. This is the future, where the software does the work.

Fireside chat: Ian Reynolds in conversation with Tara-Jay Rimmer

Tara is an award winning entrepreneur and the founder of The Van That Can and Resting Boss Face. She is obsessed with business and loves helping others achieve their goals. The Van That Can started in early 2012 when Tara-Jay was left alone with a box containing a Stand Up Paddle Board that she had waited 6 weeks for. The day it arrived, it was raining in Brisbane and she had taken a day off work, super excited about her purchase. The delivery drivers (yes, 2 of them) arrived then refused to take it upstairs to her apartment, because it was too heavy…. a floating device too heavy for TWO men. 

Arghhhhhhh. So she did what any British ex-pat would do on a rainy day and had a cup of tea and a biscuit and reminisced about England. ;)

She realized that more people must be in this situation, home alone with no one to assist, and the reflection that this has on the reputation of the company that provided the product. In the time it took for Lee Hovey, husband, to return home, The Van That Can was created.

With a catchy business name and an energetic attitude, out she went into Brisbane's furniture removal and delivery game. So what can The Van That Can do? It can move things; anything and many things - a single chair or a 2-bedroom apartment.

Besides an awesome name, using vans also helps the team comfortably navigate the steep hills of Paddington and nip in and out of the city's high-rise car parks. It has also helped keep costs down for customers as that is a number one priority.

Join us for an exciting talk on Autonomous Enquiry Management by Anthony Davidson, VP Strategy at Engag3d, followed by an inspiring fireside chat with Tara-Jay!



Wednesday, Oct 30
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (AEST)


The Precinct (TC Beirne Building)
Level 2, 315 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley4006

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