Lauren Culbertson (Co-founder & CEO of LoopVOC)

Tue, Feb 16, 2021, 5:00 PM (EST)

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About this event

Lauren is co-founder and CEO of LoopVOC, Voice of the Customer software designed to revolutionize the way B2B SaaS companies collect, analyze, and respond to customer feedback. Before Loop, Lauren worked in the B2B software space, leveraging her passion for analytics to build data-driven VOC processes, product marketing teams, and growth initiatives for businesses ranging from $14M to $200M ARR.

Entrepreneurship runs in her family, but Lauren spent nearly a decade building her career in product marketing before she felt ready and inspired enough to start her own company. Like many entrepreneurs, she discovered that following her passion and building a startup meant that there were no shortages of challenges she would face, but stopping has never been an option.

With each challenge came a new lesson and some big wins for her early-stage SaaS company. We'll dive into the search for her technical co-founder, raising capital to build the product and the core team—all milestones that were reached pre-COVID. 2020 was a year unlike any other for many companies and Lauren's was no exception. Join us on Tuesday, February 16th as she shares how last year completely changed the course of LoopVOC, her mindset on bootstrapping vs fundraising, and rediscovering product market fit at such a crucial time. Hers is a story of perseverance that we all need going into 2021.


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