How To Use AI to Write and Publish a Book in 7 days

Thursday, June 10, 2021, 9:00 – 10:00 PM UTC

Darby is an entrepreneur, author, in Austin, Texas. He's spent the better part of his entrepreneurial journey helping brands tell their story, build relationships, and ultimately sell more products. . After challenging himself to write a book in a weekend and then another just after in 24 hours, he's set a goal to help 1000 more people in 2021 write, edit, and publish books using AI.

About this event

It's Time to Get That Idea Out of Your Head and Into a Finished Book. Are you struggling to write a book because it feels like there's too much to say? Learn how to write and publish a book In just 7 days or less.

Everyone has a story to tell. But for some people, the blank page is insurmountable and they can't even think about writing because of all their fears that are telling them it's too hard or this book idea will never work out in reality. It turns into writer’s block where you get stuck on one sentence trying to figure out what your next word should be but nothing comes so you just stare at an empty screen with no words coming up. Well now there is Darby Rollins and Jarvis ! The AI copywriting assistant who takes over editing duty from start to finish helping whip your book lightning fast when someone needs it most – right now!"

You will learn during the Startup Grind how Darby has helped several people write and publish best selling books with AI.

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