Churning the Creator Ocean

Monday, February 28, 2022, 12:00 – 1:30 PM UTC

Churning the Creator Ocean by SpecialeTalks -- Powered by Startup Grind Chennai

Virtual event

About this event

For our 8th edition of #SpecialeTalks, we want to focus on all things “Creator Economy”— on 28th Feb 2022 (Monday) at 5.30 PM IST. The format of the talk will be a one hour moderated panel discussion moderated by Arjun Rao (GP at Speciale Invest) followed by a 15-20 Mins Q&A session with the audience.

​We'll be speaking to

​Lux (Lakshmanan) Narayan — Co-Founder & CEO, StreamAlive
​Kevin William David — Co-Founder, CreatorStack
​Deobrat Singh — Co-Founder, CreatorStack

​About #SpecialeTalks: A platform for entrepreneurs & technologists to come together and learn from leaders at fast-growing tech companies. It will be a 1-hour deep-dive session where leaders go in-depth, revealing how they built & scaled their tech stacks and their business. We want #SpecialeTalks to become a forum for knowledge-sharing and open dialogue among the early stage ecosystem.

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