Making the leap from good to great in marketing

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 3:00 – 3:30 PM UTC

How to go from good enough marketing to your absolute best marketing. What's the secret sauce behind the best marketing outcomes?

Virtual event

About this event

Startup Grind Chennai is happy to announce that we will be hosting Corey Haines.

About the session : Corey Haines shares tips on how to use inspiration to produce the best marketing outcomes and what it takes to go from good to great, in marketing.

Speaker : Corey Haines, Head of Growth - Baremetrics

About Corey : He is a marketer, maker, and proud pug owner. He is slowly attempting to stair-step his way to entrepreneurship while staying sane, giving back, and living well. He is the creator of - a resource of detailed tear-downs of practical marketing examples.

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  • Corey Haines


    Head of Growth


  • Hruthika Charan

    The Product Pod

    Founder/ Product Marketer

  • Dhanush Ram

    Speciale Invest

    Senior Analyst


  • Abinash Mudaliyar M

    Chapter Director

  • Dhanush Ram S

    Chapter Co-Director

  • S Swathi Dharshna

    Core Volunteer