Development of Startup Ecosystem : How club project can play a vital role!

Thursday, June 20, 2019, 12:30 – 2:30 PM UTC

Rotary Club of Chittagong Imperial joined hands with SG Chittagong for organizing an workshop on Role of Club Project for Developing Startup Ecosystem. For sustainable socio economic growth of a country, development of SME especilly tech base startups are must. A well designed Club projects for educating and connecting entrepreneurs can play a vital role for the development of Startups ecosystem.

About this event

Rotary Club of Chittagong Imperial, Club ID # 87957, RID # 3282, Bangladesh joined hands with Startup Grind Chittagong for organizing an workshop on: "Development of Startup Ecosystem: How club project can play a vital role!"

Bangladesh is a developing country with a remarkable youth population. Some 4.80 crore or 30% of the total population in Bangladesh are young (source Daily Star) and countries job market is unable to absorb such a huge quantity of capable young people, so for sustainable and equitable economic growth of the country we have to given proper emphasize on the development of SME sectors specially tech based enterprise. Technological development going on faster than our imaginations. So entrepreneurs require updated knowledge about the changes and its impact on his idea, innovation and enterprises. If government take proper initiative for promoting, developing and safe-guarding micro level investment including SME sectors and motivate huge amount of young entrepreneurs to do business, only than country’s economic growth shall be meaningful and long-lasting.

Every Rotary Club of the district organize various social service and awareness projects like tree plantation, food/cloth distribution to distress people, water and sanitation, education materials distribution to poor children, vocational training service, donations, exposure visit etc. But we believe that beside those projects if Rotary Club under this district can organize some projects relating to educating, inspiring the startups/entreprenurs, contribute for developing their businesses. Assist Startups for connecting with each others as well as with various national and international satkeholder. This networking can help entrepreneurs find co-founder, investor management, funding agencies, marketing company, consultant for business and mentor.

These shorts of project will help for creating and developing new and young entrepreneurs/ startups, inspire them for overcoming the challenges they may face, create employment opportunities. These event also contribute for the upliftment of socio economic condition of the country. As a result our country can achieve Vision 2021 and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets with in stipulated time. This type of project also support the goal and objecitves of the Club. Due to the Rotarian's direct contribution on promoting economic activities this shorts of projects also enhance the image of the club. 

Club members of the Rotary Club of Chittagong Imperial including guests/members from other club will be present in the workshop and discuss about the feasibility, effectiveness and impact of this proposed projects. Join and Be Inspired!    

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Thursday, June 20, 2019
12:30 PM – 2:30 PM UTC