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ClujHub - Pitesti 19 Cluj Napoca, 400119 Cluj-Napoca
Thu, Apr 23, 2015, 5:00 PM (EEST)

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What would you say if someone would tell you that some day computers will be able to predict the future? 

Do you think it's Science-Fiction? 

What if you found out that this amazing technology is already available today?
Mukul Pal has a few data innovation patents filed in his name; is an enthusiastic R data scientist and runs Orpheus Risk Management Indices, a global Indexing company. He has written and spoken globally on the geometry of TIME, universality, complexity, patterns, risk and investing. As a speaker, Mukul has been invited to share his knowledge at various Institutional platforms like the Bombay Stock Exchange, Saxo Bank, Thomson Reuters, TED, and the Princeton - University of Chicago Quant Conference and others. After he has successfully built Orpheus Risk Management Indices, he now works on developing his new venture: TRALIO. TRALIO it's a revolutionary startup from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a company that already validated its innovative predictive algorithms in one of the world’s most competitive markets - NASDAQ - and is now ready to prove that its predictive technologies work not just in finance, but in many other fields. Come join us on Wednesday, 23rd of April and find out about Mukul's experience! We prepared a special session of business networking with food and drinks after the fireside chat. Also, our ambassadors are keen to help you connect with other entrepreneurs, startups, investors and mentors. Join us! :-)   



Thursday, Apr 23
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM (EEST)


Pitesti 19
400119 Cluj Napoca

Pitesti 19 Cluj Napoca400119

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