Robert Muresan (Exosyphen Studios)

ClujHub - Pitesti 19 Cluj Napoca, 400119 Cluj-Napoca
Wed, Sep 9, 2015, 6:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

Find out how Robert started one of the first game development studios in Romania, back in 2002. Learn from his experience, his success and his mistakes. Come meet him and listen to his story at 4th Startup Grind event in Cluj Napoca on 9th of September at 18:00.  In late 2002, Robert abandons the Computer Science Faculty of Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca to start one of the first romanian game development studios and authors the first 100% Romanian commercial PC title.
Currently he attends Economy and International Affairs at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, works as a business manager and lead designer at exosyphen studios and is a managing partner at Axiom Gaming in Miami/Florida, probably one of the first US based startups to have its entire tech backing from Romania. Some of his career achievements include but are not limited to: - authoring the successful Hacker Evolution series of games, a completely innovative genre that has shocked the world when it was the no. 4 best seller on the world’s largest online games publisher (Valve’s STEAM), outselling major AAA rated titles.
- authored exoVirusStop, one the first and best mobile antivirus solutions in the world. (Later sold)
- authored GSM-Tracker, the world’s first cross platform mobile location based social network (Later sold)
- ported the notorious Quake game to a Windows Mobile phone in 2004, showing the entire world for the first time, that mobile phones are capable of running full 3D games.
- designed the concept of mobile widgets in 2005, years ahead of its time, and as a result landed a consulting offer from Yahoo.
- Before apps existed on Apple’s iPhone, he designed a web app that was instantly the no. 1 most used web app, according to Apple’s site.
- Designed several iPhone games out of which, one made it to no. 205 out 150.000 apps at that time.

His most recent project is DailyIndieGame, a website oriented at selling discounted games and bundles, launched over a year ago.

In little over one year, it had a spectacular growth, now delivering aprox. 250.000 game licenses monthly and having served over 1.000.000 gamers. Robert is also currently developing the next Hacker Evolution game and a new immersive fantasy action game oriented at giving the ultimate VR experience.

Join us for an event full of insights and learnings from a great local entrepreneur.

See you there! :)

Startup Grind Team



Wednesday, Sep 9
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EEST)


Pitesti 19
400119 Cluj Napoca

Pitesti 19 Cluj Napoca400119

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