Finance Series - S1 E1

Friday, March 18, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 PM UTC

This session is to help the aspiring entrepreneurs to know how the startup ecosystem is wired with finance and handle their startup's finance on their own! Finance series has many events clubbed together to deliver the needs of early-stage startups and budding enterpreners

About this event

This series is intended to provide up-to-date presentations of key topics in finance through single/multiple- speakers, 

The following are topics that might appear in the series: asset pricing, investment management, private value markets,  private equities, hedge funds and absolute return investing, arbitrage, stochastic dominance, risk measures, utility, and risk aversion theory and practice, incomplete markets, insurance, financial institutions, capital markets, market microstructure, corporate restructuring, financial contracting, international finance, behavioral finance, experimental finance, bond pricing, bond portfolio management, swaps, currency forecasting, long-short equity modeling, derivative pricing, exotic derivatives, bond and interest rate derivatives, financial volatility, risk management, credit risk, credit risk derivatives, bond rating, futures markets, security analysis accounting, emerging markets, etc.

who can register:

1. Anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur 
2. Anyone who is an entrepreneur with a nonfinance background
3. Anyone who thinks finance is hard yet wants to handle the pricing and basic finance in their company 

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