How We Built a Thriving Remote Culture Across 35+ Countries at The Remote Company (and you can too)

Mar 3, 2021, 5:30 – 6:30 PM

While remote life only became a thing for many due to COVID, thousands around the globe saw the value in this workflow years in advance. Wondering how to build a successful organization in the remote space? Get the insight from the amazing Ilma Tiki, COO of The Remote Company, who built a rocking remote culture across industry-shaking organizations like MailerLite, MailerSend, MailerCheck & YCode.

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We believe that talented people around the world can create outstanding global products and live the way they want. - The Remote Company

You'd be in the majority if you've struggled with remote work and have been exhausted by the continuous mention of the word 'pivot'. The concept of remote work was new for the masses when COVID struck, leaving a challenging set of circumstances in which to adapt for organizations of all sizes. While we can't discount the love of human interaction and the desire to return to brick and mortar offices for entrepreneurs, business owners, and team members across the globe (yes, we love hugs too), we can't ignore the opportunities and advantages that have come with building a remote team. Even for those of us who've always been in love with the remote lifestyle, creating a remote culture that breeds productivity, happiness, quality, and inclusiveness isn't something that's an easy task. Simply because you've gone remote, doesn't mean you're jazzed about how it's working (or not working in many cases) within your business.

That's why were so excited to be chatting with Ilma Tiki, COO of The Remote Company, who's been dedicated to the craft of remote work for years to seize these precious gems of knowledge around building a steller remote work environment.

The Remote Company is a network of remote-first tech companies that share the same values and approach to doing business. In that umbrella you'll find some of the most amazing brands including MailerCheck, MailerSend, newly launched YCode, and one of 2019 SaaS Magazine's fastest-growing SaaS companies, MailerLite, which Illma helped grow from a local Lithuanian product with 1,000 local users into a global brand, serving over 1 million businesses. The Remote Company is super passionate about the products they make and embrace remote work and online communication.

If being a COO wasn't already taxing enough, try being the COO of over 100 talented folks in 35+ different countries, and trying to make everyone happy. Time zones everyone? My husband and I can barely decide what we want for dinner each night (the true struggle in marriage) and there are only two of us. Ilma's wisdom in this area is ever so timely, desperately needed, and can help transform the culture in your remote workplace.

Join us on March 3rd, at 9:30am PDT// 10:30am MDT // 11:30am CDT // 12:30pm EDT (woo that was a doozie) as we are graced with the secrets, strategies, and steps to fostering a thriving and inclusive remote work culture with Illma Tiki. Register Today!

Did we mention it's all virtual? Join us from anywhere :)

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM UTC


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