Creating an App in the New App World

Thursday, May 26, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 PM UTC

Explore the journey of young Detroit Entrepreneurs as they moved from the idea stage, into the launch and growth stages.

About this event

Join Detroit Chapter Director Faris Alami as he talks with two Detroit minority, immigrant and at the top of their game app-based entrepreneurs.  We will be discussing some of the opportunities and challenges they've faced while launching an app in today's crowded app stores.  

Converting your passion or your side-gig business into a tech startup can take time and many obstacles will be faced - being a minority can only add more levels to these challenges.  In addition, facing the crowded marketplace may force you to pivot in different directions that you never planned for.  Staying the course and moving forward may allow for new opportunities to arise.

Join our discussion with Detroit tech-based entrepreneurs where we will learn about these challenges, opportunities and the pivotal moments that they have crossed through their journeys while starting and launching tech-based businesses.

One such entrepreneur is Sergio Rodriguez, Co-Founder and CEO of Todoolie

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