Fundraising 201: How to Raise a Seed Round Efficiently

Wed, Dec 16, 2020, 5:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Join Startup Grind NYC and AWS as we walk founders through the practical steps of how to authentically generate a sense of urgency with investors, control your fundraising narrative, and stack the deck in your favor in order to create fundraising momentum and close investors quickly. Whether you are getting ready to fundraise, are currently fundraising, or are considering fundraising in the future, this workshop will prepare you to run a more efficient fundraising process.

This workshop, led by Mike Wilner, former founder & CEO and co-author of "Oversubscribed: a founder's guide to seed fundraising," will walk us through the fundraising process comprehensively, including:

  • Knowing when to raise money
  • Ground rules when approaching a seed round
  • Drafting round composition and allocation
  • Crafting your fundraising narrative
  • Building a funnel
  • Initiating fundraising mode and stacking meetings
  • Pitching and closing

This workshop has been given at programs including Techstars, On Deck, Amplify, DMZ, and more. Testimonials include:

  • “As a founder who previously raised 60mm in venture, I thought I knew how to raise capital. That was until I heard Mike’s talk which took me from minor league hitter to the big leagues. Hands down best fundraising advice.”
  • “Mike's workshop was a game-changer for our fundraising strategy and its effectiveness. As a matter of fact, we applied what we learned and quickly raised a round a month after the workshop – true story!”
  • “I had an investor meeting literally right afterwards and got to use 2 of the tips--and it worked!”
  • "This is probably the most helpful fundraising presentation I've seen. The presenter was clear, humble, and practical. And engineers love breaking things down into a manageable process, which is exactly what this presentation did."


  • Mike Wilner

    Mike Wilner


    Early Stage Startups Team

    Currently Early Stage Startups team @ AWS. Writing Getting Shots Up, a newsletter about building entrepreneurial careers. Co-author of Oversubscribed (book helping founders raise seed capital). Former founder of Compass/Sail (Upwork for web design projects). 2013 Venture for America Fellow.

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