Startup Mentoring - Learnings & Challenges

Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 1:00 – 2:00 PM UTC

Join our exclusive event and hear from our mentors about their experience with working with startups and new entrepreneurs, some common challenges faced and how to tackle them, their contribution to the startup ecosystem in Qatar, and more.

About this event

Have you ever wondered how mentors can guide you in driving your startup journey? In the world of startups, they can make a remarkable difference through their extensive career, entrepreneurship, and industry-specific experience and help you better understand your potential to capitalize on target markets. 

Join us on 10th August at 4 pm as the exceptional panel of mentors talk about why it is essential for startups to seek advice from mentors, some of the common mistakes by the founders, and also how Qatar’s ecosystem has become more collaborative and supportive compared to earlier. Our panel of speakers includes-

Ramzi Hasan, Certified business Coach 

Agata Braje, Startup mentor and Prototyping trainer 

Wissam Costandi, Startup Mentor, QSTP XLR8

Dania Khaled, Business Development Mentor, QST 

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