Genny Ghanimeh CEO of PiSlice (w/Sadaffe Abid Harvard)

Saturday, March 15, 2014, 2:30 – 4:30 PM UTC

Post an MBA at London Business School, Genny followed her passions for MicroFinance and founded Pi Slice in 2012 with MicroWorld from the Group PlanetFinance to build the first microlending online platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). She is also founded Pro-ID in 2003, initiating start-ups and joined a DIFC based investment bank as the Head of Business Development.

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Genny Ghanimeh: Following her passions for the MicroFinance & the Online industries, and after a life-altering trek in Kilimanjaro, Genny founded Pi Slice in March 2012 and negotiated a partnership agreement with MicroWorld from the Group PlanetFinance to build and administer the first micro-lending online platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Prior to Pi Slice, Genny began her career in Development Project Finance, and later shifted her focus to the financial industry and business development, where she honed her entrepreneurial skills in founding her 1st company Pro-ID in 2003; initiating start-ups and identifying market opportunities for the international corporations represented. She also consulted in setting-up & managing a financial security semi-governmental company in Dubai. In 2007, Genny founded and managed Pi Investments, working mainly on mergers and acquisitions deals in emerging countries, Fund Advisory and Placement Agent. In 2010, Genny joined a DIFC based investment bank as the Head of Business Development. Genny has an MA in Civil Engineering from the Lebanese University and an MBA from London Business School (UK).   Sadaffe Abid: Guest visit from Sadaffe Abid, CEO of the Kashf Foundation and Buksh Foundation who teaches the Adaptive Leadership Model from Harvard Kennedy School. Sadaffe is a social entrepreneur with extensive experience in operational management, strategy, gender mainstreaming and leadership development. I am passionate about enabling women leaders to realize their aspirations and leadership potential. I am a teaching fellow of the Adaptive Leadership course at Harvard Kennedy School which has been consistently rated as the most formative course by Kennedy School alums. Now, I conduct leadership development trainings in Middle East North Africa (MENA) focused on high potential women professionals and entrepreneurs and young talent. I led Kashf Foundation, one of largest microfinance institution’s (MFI) in Pakistan, as the COO and later as the CEO to grow Kashf from a pilot project in two rooms to serve 300,000 women clients, employ 2000 staff and disburse US$ 200 million to support micro-businesses in Pakistan. I was also the co-founder and CEO of Buksh Foundation, a start up social venture focused on enhancing financial access to under served segments of youth and micro entrepreneurs with innovative financial products.

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