Pitch Your Web 3.0 and AI Startup to Investors in Dubai

Sep 20, 2023, 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Exclusive to Early Adopters: Unlock the future with DIFC’s Web 3.0 & AI Campus, set to boost 500 startups and create 3,000 jobs by 2028. Dive deep into the Algorand Bootcamps. Web 3.0 and AI aren't coming – they're here. This event isn't just chatter, it's about real opportunities, networking, and getting ahead in tech. Ready to lead? Join us.

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About this event

DIFC’s Web 3.0 & AI Campus: 

With a vision to bring over 500 AI and Web 3.0 startups, the campus, armed with a staggering USD 300mn, is determined to supercharge the job market, forecasting an influx of 3,000+ groundbreaking roles by 2028.

Key Benefits

  • Groundbreaking Intellectual Property Law.
  • Fast-Track Licensing & Regulatory Systems.
  • Data Protection Mechanisms.
  • Infrastructure and Talent Pool Globally.

Algorand Developer Bootcamps:

Algorand Developer Bootcamps are intensive and immersive training programs designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop applications and solutions on the Algorand blockchain platform. 

Why should you attend them?

Attending an Algorand Developer Bootcamp offers a structured and immersive learning experience, hands-on practice, networking opportunities, and access to expert guidance-all of which can accelerate your journey as an Algorand blockchain developer and enhance your career prospects in the blockchain industry.

Web 3.0 & AI: Not Just the Future - It’s Today's Currency

Your competitors are mastering Web 3.0 and AI now. In the modern digital arena, these aren’t futuristic concepts; they’re current prerequisites. Your startup’s success isn't about catching up - it’s about leading.

This is For You If:

  • You’re a founder or entrepreneur seeking to expand your horizons.
  • You want to capitalize on emerging tech trends.
  • You desire to connect with like-minded pioneers and industry giants.
  • You’re seeking growth opportunities.
  • You're looking to work in AI or Web 3.0

What You Stand to Gain:

  • Insights into the latest tech trends and how they can transform your startup.
  • Networking Opportunities with potential partners, investors, and industry leaders.
  • Direct Access to Startups.

Why This Isn’t Just Another Event:

  • Tailored Investor Access: Engage with investors whose appetite for innovation rivals yours.
  • Elite Tech: Immerse in an environment reverberating with tech ambitions.
  • Strategic Alliances Await: Tomorrow's partners, mentors, or teammates? They're here.
  • Showcase & Elevate: The stage set here can take your startup to another level.
  • Dubai’s Tech Ambition: Thinking of establishing in Dubai? This is your test.

Ticket details:

  • In-person - Platinum 

For the attendee who wants the full experience, this ticket gets you in-person access to all sessions and networking. Engage directly with investors, panelists, and other entrepreneurs.

  • VIP (Investors Q&A) 

This is for those looking to get up-close and personal with our featured investors. Enjoy a VIP Q&A session. Both in-person and virtual options available.

  • Apply to Pitch 

Get a chance to pitch your startup in front of esteemed investors. Your application will be reviewed by our panel. If your startup doesn't pass the review, this ticket will automatically convert to a VIP (Investors Q&A) ticket, so you still get the value of direct interaction with investors.

  • Virtual 

Don't want to miss out but can't make it in person? This ticket grants you virtual access to all sessions, including the ability to participate in virtual networking.

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  • Ian Arden

    Mempool Ventures


  • Amalia Irena Grochal


    Founder and CEO

  • Sarah Abuagela

    Ceras Ventures

    Head of Investment

  • Obediah Ayton

    Dhabi Hold Co




Wednesday, September 20, 2023
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM UTC


Keynote: Why Dubai is the Future by the Web 3.0 and AI Campus
Introduction to Algorand
Startup Pitches
Investors Insights


  • Cristina Najera

    Najera Ventures



  • Cristina Najera

    Najera Ventures

    Chapter Director

  • Sameer Sortur

    SquareCircle Ventures

    Chapter Co-director