Startup Grind Europe-Asia Connect

December 10, 2020, 2:00 PM UTC – December 12, 2020, 10:00 AM UTC

We are proud partners of the Europe-Asia Connect that will be the biggest online Startup Grind Conference held from Dec10-12th.

About this event

As you all know, Startup Grind is all about giving startups universally the education, opportunities, and access they need ti build, grow and scale their companies.

For this purpose, we are supporting Startup Grind Tbilisi, Georgia chapter to organize an international conference that, due to safety concerns, will be held 100% online!

Europe-Asia Connect is a unique opportunity for startups to:

1.  Hear from top global speakers and meet other founders from over 35 countries.
2. Participate in networking sessions - including regional founders, investors and corporates
3. Participate in the largest startup competition in the world and receive training from Silicon Valley mentors.

100+ speakers, some of them directly from Silicon Valley, will partner for an unforgettable event. One of the speakers at the event will be the marketing guru, entrepreneur, technical evangelist, and author of numerous books - Guy Kawasaki.

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