Venture Funding in Women Startups

Thursday, November 11, 2021, 1:00 – 3:00 PM UTC

We bring together women entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, corporates, and all the other key stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem. With the potential to enable growth and drive diversity, we solve for the lack of women in the startup ecosystem and create a level playing field for all startups.

In-person event
Fireside Chat
Panel Discussion

About this event

Join us to discover the beauty of women empowerment! We will discuss 3 main points:

1. Female Founder Focused Community

To create a community of female founders and funders and help them access the networks via Encubay in Dubai and globally via a series of skilling sessions, networking events and conferences.

2. Trade corridor

To create a trade corridor between Dubai and India, help our startups leverage the markets in Dubai and startups in Dubai leverage our markets in India.

3. Angel Investing Network

To create a network of existing and aspiring women angel investors to leverage the benefits of angel investing as an asset class. 

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  • Deeksha Ahuja




1:00 PMWelcome
1:30 PMEvent Starts
2:20 PMQ&A
3:00 PMNetworking


  • Cristina Najera

    Najera Ventures

    Chapter Director

  • Sameer Sortur

    SquareCircle Ventures

    Chapter Co-director