Kenya South Sudan Business Forum

Thursday, December 15, 2022, 7:00 – 8:00 AM UTC

This is the 1st of an event series dubbed Country Trade Forum - Africa organized by MDV Global Consulting. Aimed at bringing together businesses and individuals looking at expanding their business interactions into other African countries and providing a platform to connect, collaborate and partner through B2B meetings, knowledge transfers and business visits.

About this event

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Kenya and South Sudan
have benefited from continued warm and cordial relationship. In the recent past

conversations around port usage, transit goods and no visa policy between the two countries have gone a

long way to solidify these ties.

As South Sudan continues to embark on its journey to become a steady, young and growing economy, it is

ripe for ‘First In’ investments and trade opportunities. They have opened their borders and are ready to do

business. Kenya within the EAC has positioned itself as a confident entrant in new and emerging markets,

have risen to the occasion in the region hence being a top trade partner of choice for any economy.

The Kenya South Sudan Trade Forum aims to bring together Kenyan-South Sudanese businesses to

mutually benefit through collaborations, partnerships, knowledge transfer, benchmarking exercises and

trade missions with B2B meetings.

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These series of meetings to be held in both countries will provide a one-to-one interaction for government

liaisons & representatives, private sector including business communities and associations and INGOs &

NPOs while continuing to promote sustainable and mutually beneficial conversations for all involved.

With support from both governments through the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Trade

and other government institutions in both countries, we are collaborating with business communities,

associations and entities to curate an impactful meeting with pre-matched meetings and possibilities.

To participate, those with interests in Real Estate, Food & Beverage, Construction, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals

& Medicants, Education, ICT, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Agriculture, Logistics & Transportation, Retail &

Wholesale, Professional services, and other areas of interest are invited to register with us.

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