Startup Grind Frisco's 2023 Investor Panel

September 20, 2023 at 11:00 PM UTC – September 21, 2023 at 2:00 AM UTC

Join us for this month's exclusive event featuring global investors, including Wade Myers and the team from Eagle Venture Fund. More than networking, this is your chance to gain industry insights, connect with leading organizations in Frisco and beyond, and prepare for a successful Q4. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your financial momentum!

In-person event
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About this event

We are hosting the 2023 Frisco Investor Panel, presented by Startup Grind Frisco.

Event Highlights:

Guest Speakers: Wade Myers, Raffaele Carmine, Raimund Buhr, and Wes Lyons, all from the esteemed Eagle Venture Fund team.

Objective: To empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge to secure capital, introduce new investment opportunities, and expand your investor network as we transition into Q4.

About Eagle Venture Fund:

Eagle Venture Fund (EVF) collaborates with companies that aspire to make a significant social and economic impact. The firms in EVF's portfolio are not just profit-driven; they are purpose-driven, consistently outperforming their competitors.

Why Attend?

Educational Value: Gain actionable insights on how to secure capital for your business.

Networking: Connect with influential investors and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Strategic Planning: Learn about new investment opportunities to set your business up for a successful Q4 and beyond.

For Startup Founders: An unparalleled chance to personally meet and engage with the Eagle Venture Fund team, opening doors for future collaborations and investments.

Join us for an evening filled with enlightening discussions, meaningful networking, and the opportunity to align your business with your financial goals. Reserve your seat today and prepare to enter Q4 with a fortified investor network and a wealth of knowledge! Register today to secure your spot.

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  • Wade Myers

    Eagle Venture Fund

    Co-Founder & General Partner

  • Raffaele Carmine

    Eagle Venture Fund

    General Partner

  • Raimund Bahur

    Eagle Venture Fund

    General Partner

  • Wes Lyons

    Eagle Venture Fund

    General Partner



September 20 – 21, 2023
11:00 PM – 2:00 AM UTC

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  • Ramesh Nuti


  • Ramesh Nuti


    Founder & CEO, Angel Investor, Chapter Director

  • Hareesh Menon

    infinity CXC


  • Jude Saadoon

    Paparazzi Confidential Multimedia Company


  • Fey Montuori

    Equity Notion

    Real Estate Investor | High Performance Coach