Your Masterpitch: Master your persona, master your pitch with Charles Schwartz.

March 27, 2019 at 10:30 PM UTC – March 28, 2019 at 1:00 AM UTC

You've created the perfect deck, you practiced your pitch for months. Today is the big day. You get on stage. It's Showtime! No it's Shutdown Time! What happened? It's one thing to know your deck. It's another to deliver the goods like a pro! Our guest, Charles Schwartz will use his skills as a leading expert in influence, persuasion, and peak performance psychology to take us to the next level.

In-person event

About this event

Who: Charles Schwartz, Pitch Psychology Expert.

What: Your Masterpitch! Fireside Chat and Workshop.

Where: General Provision | 300 SW 1st Ave. | Fort Lauderdale (easy access by Train, Bus, Bicycle & Car)

When: March 27th, from 6:30-9:00 pm

There's so much talk about pitching best practices that it's impossible to Google "startup pitch" and not be overwhelmed by the sheer number of results. 

No technical skill or tool will get rid of that pit in your stomach, the anxiety, the nerves you feel when you suddenly realize that everything is on the line, even worse, that sinking feeling that your audience can see right through you!

Successful pitching entails more than just narrating the perfect 10 slides. What happens, not if, but when the computer malfunctions during your presentation? Can you deliver the goods like a pro? Can you maneuver your audience with ease? Can you consistently deliver a winning pitch that will attract investors, partners & clients with or without slides? 

Have you mastered the internal mechanics that will turn you into a world class presenter? Can you exude so much charisma that your deck becomes irrelevant? Do you understand how to use the killer combination of micro expressions evaluation and body language calibration to close a deal without having said a word?

Charles Schwartz is a leading pitch consultant and speaker based in Florida. He has spent his entire career combining peak performance, influence and persuasion psychology to create potent formulas that maximize his clients' stage presence. His presentation style is as unique as the Pitch Psychology field which he is a pioneer of.

Charles has conducted numerous successful persona, negotiation and influence workshops and consultations nationwide for the US military including the Coast Guards and DoD, ivy league schools such as Yale as well as global startup accelerators like Techstars. 

Charles has also graciously agreed to conduct a pitch diagnostic workshop for a select few after the Audience Q&A.

You can sign up for another "best practices" training session or you can join us to learn how to take your game to next level.

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10:30 PMNetworking
11:00 PMFireside Chat
11:30 PMAttendee Q & A
12:00 AMPitch Diagnostic Session


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