Medical Cannabis, Startups & Gibraltar Legislation in partnership w/ Ince

Thursday, June 24, 2021, 7:00 – 9:00 AM UTC

The medical cannabis sector is growing in spite of controversies and complex regulations. Is there opportunity for Gibraltar to be a centre of excellence for this expanding industry? Join us on 24/06 at 9:30 am CEST/ 8:30 am BST for an in person or online session with Ince Life Science & Cannabinoid Regulation Expert, Robert Jappie, and Head of Fiduciary, Heather Adamson at Ince Gibraltar.

About this event

The medical cannabis sector in Europe is rapidly growing in spite of several controversies and complex regulations. Will it be another opportunity for Gibraltar to become a centre of excellence for this expanding industry? 

Join us on Thursday 24 June 2021 at 9:30 am CEST/ 8:30 am BST for the very first Hybrid session in partnership with Ince Gibraltar by joining us  in-person or online with Ince Life Science and Cannabinoid Regulation Expert, Robert Jappie, to explore the recent developments in this area. Robert will be joined by Ince Gibraltar Head of Fiduciary, Heather Adamson, who will share with you her insights on how the introduction of the new regulation might enhance Gibraltar’s growth.

Robert Jappie - Life Science and Cannabinoid Regulation and Partner, Ince

Robert is a Partner at Ince in London, specialising in Cannabis Law and Regulation. Since he launched the UK’s first dedicated Cannabis Law department in May 2018, Robert has become a leading and well-respected legal expert within Europe’s fast-growing cannabis industries. With the legalisation of medicinal cannabis and CBD supplements rolling out across Europe, Robert has become the leading legal authority on the developing regulatory environment both here in the UK and in Europe.

He currently acts for several established CBD brands, Licensed Producers, Medicinal Cannabis companies and distributors, advising on the full range of regulatory and commercial issues facing the sector.”

Heather Adamson - Head of Fiduciary, Ince

Heather is the Head of Fiduciary in the firm’s Gibraltar office. With over 10 years’ experience in Gibraltar, she specialises in corporate structuring, company management and fiduciary services, which she provides to her international clients.

Before joining the firm, Heather was director of a licenced company manager, professional trustee and collective investment scheme administrator. Heather is a chartered certified accountant with a focus on ensuring good corporate governance. She is an experienced company manager, trustee and fund administrator, and can assist in the establishment of a range of corporate structures for corporate and private clients, provision of corporate secretarial services, accounting and other administrative support.

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