Warren Bader (Plan Bee)

Grant Thornton - 110 Queen Street Glasgow, G1 3BX Glasgow
Wed, Feb 10, 2016, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

Plan Bee CEO Warren Bader was living the high-life as a music video producer in the big smoke of London, working with the likes of Tina Turner and Boyzone when he had an epiphany, there was more to life than hanging out with celebrities in the vacuum of the music business, To get away from it all he got himself an allotment and started to grow heritage fruit trees and food stuffs that the big supermarket chains just didn’t sell. Then he took that one step further… and got a beehive. He fell in love with those little creatures and started to devote more and more time, he literally got a buzz out of it. Not one to rest on his laurels though, and certainly not shy of a project, Warren poured more and more effort into learning all about apiculture. His philosophy is simple, to become the best, and so he became an expert beekeeper, but there was much more to be done. The humble honey bee was in global decline, and without help so too would we, with a third of our food stuffs, fruits, vegetables and crops relying on pollination to reproduce. So, Plan Bee was born, but Warren was driven to look beyond saving the planet. It’s one thing to be an entrepreneur but to be an educator, an employer and a producer of honey and that warm fuzzy feeling that businesses get when they know they’ve done something good for a community, that was quite another. Warren slowly began to build Plan Bee, taking his own brand of Corporate Social Responsibility out to big business, rubbing shoulders with MDs and CEOs, Sus-tainability Managers and PROs, convincing them with his enthusiastic demeanour that placing hives on their site, or in a nominated location was the right thing to do, it was them playing their part. Warren took on employees, and more than just taking on employees he took on the next generation of Plan Bee, young people who would inherit the business and continue to build the sustainability brand for the future. Warren is more than an entrepreneur, he is an innovator.
  Hosting this fireside chat will be Paula Skinner, a Partner in Harper Macleod's Corporate team    



Wednesday, Feb 10
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


Grant Thornton
110 Queen Street
G1 3BX Glasgow

Grant Thornton
110 Queen Street GlasgowG1 3BX

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