5/22/20 #REALTALK Office Hours & #AMA: Hunting for the Silver Lining w/ Arzish Azam (Islamabad)

Grand Rapids
Fri, May 22, 2020, 1:00 PM (EDT)

About this event


Never before did founders, entrepreneurs and leaders of even the smallest companies need to think that their command of and understanding of:

public policy
public health
financial markets

and more!

... and tracking where they all intersect from moment to moment would ever be so important to how they, their family, their team, their firm survives just the next couple days... and the next couple weeks... and the next couple months, let alone plan for next year.

The fact is that most entrepreneurs today didn’t have to lead through the great recession, they weren’t CEOs during the dot com bubble, they likely didn’t study the economic impacts of the World War I and Spanish Flu one-two punch on the global economy.

How are they to be expected to do anything but follow their guts or the reactionary examples of their peers?

The pandemic has been and will continue to be the great global leveler.

As leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders we should be informed, rational, analytical and rigorous in our thinking.

We would like to develop this into a global conversation, and we will try to have guests to speak on different topics and markets over the next weeks and months.

Startup Grind Grand Rapids is honored to host George Katsanos, a turnaround and crisis management expert with expertise in Behavioural Finance and Corporate Re-engineering as we give global market updates followed by an #AMA where founders and entrepreneurs can come for immediate and actionable advice for their startup or business.

Occasionally, we'll have special guest interviews for deep dives from various industries and institutions to help inform us.


Friday, May 22, we are pleased to host Arzish Azam, Chapter Director of Startup Grind Islamabad. Arzish is also the Chief Evangelist at Daaster, aWe connects world-class remote software engineers with challenging roles at growing companies.

Vetted, pre-trained & ready to start working immediately.

They invest in top selected engineering talent by providing intensive industry-relevant training until they land an offer they are happy with and get hired remotely.

Arzish will give us some insight on how the epidemic is affecting the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Islamabad, Pakistan as well as provide advice to entrepreneurs at the event.


This event is a recurring event every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY @ 12PM EST.

  • 1PM EST - 10 minutes of global market updates across all asset classes
  • 1:10PM EST - 20 minutes of #AMA #realtalk where entrepreneurs and founder can get real, actionable advice to problems they're facing this minute


Depending on how many people show up, we can have people breakout into separate rooms for roundtable brainstorm sessions, and if we have enough experts, we can even pair people off with experts for 1:1 advice.



Friday, May 22
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EDT)

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