Hunting for Silver Linings w/ Clark Rubino of Startup Grind Chongqing, China

Apr 13, 2021, 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Join Startup Grind Grand Rapids’ Chapter Director Corey Hart and Beneventure Partners Managing Director Yorgo Katsanos as we host an event series featuring check-ins with investors and Startup Grind Chapter Directors from all corners of the world. Joining us for this event: Clark Rubino of Startup Grind Chongqing, China

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Through our Startup Grind event series Hunting for Silver Linings, we check in with ecosystem builders, investors, and business leaders from around the world.

We dig for deeper context around challenges and opportunities found in markets around the world, as well as mine for insight that can better inform biases about regions, their talent, and potential for investment.

Then, we connect the dots.


Corey Hart | LinkedIn
Chapter Director, Startup Grind
Co-founder & CMO, Telebehavioral Health.US

Yorgo (George) Katsanos
Head of Corporate Finance, Cubera International


Tuesday, April 13th, we are pleased to host Clark Rubino of Startup Grind Chongqing, China. Clark will give us some insight on how the epidemic is affecting the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in his region, as well as provide advice to entrepreneurs.

His interest in social venture, movements, lingua-cultural exchange, and emerging markets first led Clark to China in 2005 and then later to found Chongqing Bright Ideas Consulting Services Company (重庆良计商务信息咨询有限公司) (Est. 2016 in Chongqing, China) where his team serves as a one-stop-shop to Southwest China’s international business people. For startups entering China or expanding globally they provide visa assistance, incorporation, soft-landing guidance, incubation or co-workspace matching, translation, trusteeships, business guidance services, English-based course curriculum design and presentation content improvement services. As the Startup Grind Chongqing City Director (创业磨坊重庆分布负责人) he supports and grows entrepreneurial communities in Chongqing and online.

In addition to startup and business information services, Clark provides a suite of inter-cultural guidance and communication services. This ranges from arranging cultura-lingua programs to guiding students and family groups through a great number of experiential learning activities in the field and in the classroom. He offers programs and activities designed for different durations ranging from one hour to three week long programs. He be outsourced as your short-term program’s director. And can also custom design inter-cultural camp programs for your organization.

Now he is working on two new startup projects: Waypoint: an online to offline inter-cultural communication and lean enterprise methods learning and internship program for Chinese teens and college students. And Be-U, an experiential project-based learning camp that equips kids with the intercultural and personal leadership tools to teach each other essential skills for success. When he’s not building these startups, he mentors his team in Chongqing in the skills of community building, startup ecosystem research, and fractional services for startups and scaleups who aim for global and Chinese markets. Together they strive to understand the local and global startup ecosystem and assist in soft-landing for businesses who setup in new markets in the Americas and Asia. Currently he is based in Southern Yunnan province, while expanding an impact company: Xishuangbanna NanXiang Services, 西双版纳南翔咨询服务有限公司. They offer youth development, intercultural training, ESL, study abroad services, and project-based learning programs in English.

Clark has broad and in-depth experience in lingua-cultural exchange. He volunteers for and sets-up programs in Western China: Qinghai, Ningxia, Sichuan, Guizhou, Gansu and Yunnan Province. He loves culture and learning languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish. His passions include traveling and helping youth be empowered to dream big and progress toward those dreams. He accredits this love to his years of involvement in the Boy Scouts of America, participation in the College of Wooster’s inter-faith ministries, and his bachelor’s study in anthropology. He has traveled to 13 countries. He attends and speaks at global conferences on social innovation, TEFL, startups and tech. Along with 12 years’ experience in China, 6 months community development experience in South America, and over 12 years’ experience in customer experience management in the USA he has grown a vast network across the globe.






We spend our time checking in with investors, entrepreneurs, founders, and Startup Grind Chapter Directors from around the globe to get accounts of what's happening in their areas and learn of what their challenges and opportunities are. 

  • We learn about our guest, their story
  • We dig into their area & industry of expertise, and their ecosystem
  • We identify specific challenges & opportunities they are close to
  • We ask what their outlook is for the next 6, 12 months
  • Finally, we ask how our network of global Directors, entrepreneurs, and investors can help them

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  • Clark Rubino


    Chapter Director | CBI Founder



Tuesday, April 13, 2021
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM UTC


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