Leading Change Through Wellness w/ Gaurav Goomer of MyLifeWell.com

Monday, November 23, 2020, 8:00 – 9:00 PM UTC

Gaurav Goomer is a certified accountant, has an MBA in International Business, a Master's in Business Analytics, and is a trained scrum master and product manager. Taking all these skills and a passion for wellness, Gaurav founded MyLifeWell. We will learn from Gaurav how he's using the intersection of his experience and passion for leading change through wellness.

About this event


Gaurav Goomer is an entrepreneur at heart, a solutionist by nature, and a wellness enthusiast by choice. 

The sum of his experiences has not only prepared him, but inspired him to create MyLifeWell. Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, he was raised in a culture that integrates wellness into everyday practices. Because of this experience, he knows the value of prioritizing a healthy lifestyle and is passionate about encouraging and enabling others to make healthy choices. 

The wellness revolution is well underway around the world as we struggle to find a balance between professional aspirations, family expectations, and personal satisfaction. At MyLifeWell, he aims to offer tools to make a wellness lifestyle accessible to everyone and equip his clients with the personalized tools they need to achieve a healthy and peaceful balance in life.

He learned the importance of work ethic and integrity from his Dad, who literally started his career as a “chaiwallah” on the streets of Mumbai and went on to build a great business to support himself and his family. Through him, Gaurav learned the basic principles of running a business very early on in life, that is having - an owner’s mindset, passion for your work, and absolute integrity. 

He's grateful for the opportunity to work in an industry he's passionate about and to form his business around the principles of honesty and hard work.


  • What is MyLifeWell all about
  • Why is wellness so important right now and how everyone can tap into it
  • What lessons from his work in the corporate world have informed his startup journey
  • The great story of his first round of fundraising 
  • His special offer for businesses and corporations and their teams

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Monday, November 23, 2020
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM UTC


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