Workshop: How to Create Your Value Proposition for Unparalleled Competitive Advantage

February 27, 2020 at 11:00 PM UTC – February 28, 2020 at 2:00 AM UTC

This workshop is specifically designed to meet the challenges startup and emerging brands face when attempting to create relevant differentiation and competitive advantage in the marketplace. Participants come together in a focused environment to craft a strategic positioning for their brand that serves as the foundation for building a brand customers love and can’t live without.

In-person event

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In every business category today, more businesses are being commoditized by the sheer abundance of choices customers have. This is true if your business sells products or provides services. This is true for businesses large and small.

Customers have abundant choice. It's customers who decide who leads and who follows. When customers have abundant choice, the competition is always fierce.

In every product or service category there are always multiple players. Those business leaders who dominate their market always represent a single "idea of value" in the minds of their customers and clients that's simply not available from the alternatives in the category.

Here are some fundamental questions that will require you answer with clarity of vision and confidence in your actions is you are to create "competitive advantage" to your business from the value you bring to the marketplace.

• How do you differentiate your business in ways that matter to your customers?

• Do you command premium prices and greater profit margins when everyone else is fighting to break even?

• How do you gain radical advantage over your would-be competitors in an ultra-competitive marketplace?

In this educational training, you'll learn the basic components that comprise a compelling "value proposition" to the marketplace, and be guided you through a strategic process designed to help you have more clarity and confidence to uncover your unique value in ways that will create customer preference for your offerings as opposed to your competitors.

Our objective in this training will be to elevate the perception of your value to your ideal customers and clients in ways that matter to them and clearly distiguish your business from the slush pile of competitors.

At the conclusion of this training, you will have a value proposition framework and positioning statement that forms that true north of your business enterprise – guiding the products and the services you will create and every action, communication and behavior of your enterprise in the marketplace.


Thomson Dawson is a trusted advisor to leaders of startup and emerging growth companies. He provides insight, guidance and creativity in the art and science of business transformation and strategic brand development.

Thomson began his career as Founder and Principal of the Dawson+Company Creative Group. What began in a small apartment closet became one of the most respected corporate communications and design firms in Michigan.

Throughout his career, he has been a life-long entrepreneur, designer, writer, creative director and brand strategy consultant collaborating with leadership teams in diverse organizations in North America and Europe.

Thomson has lead brand development and communications initiatives for such clients as Amway, Acura, Brunswick, Coleman, DelhaizeUSA, Energizer, Fellowes, Haworth, Herman Miller, Hewlett-Packard, Honda, LALA USA, Jockey, Mannington Flooring, Micron Technology, Steelcase, ThedaCare, Volkswagen, Wolverine Worldwide and X-Rite Corporation.

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