Anson Ho 何英琪 (BestApp)

Strand Beer Cafe 1 Chunfeng Road, Yuexiu District 510000 Guangzhou Guangzhou
Sat, Aug 31, 2013, 12:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Anson has been a fixture in the Guangzhou grassroots tech community for years as a marketing professional and brand strategist. In 2011, he made the leap to full-on entrepreur by founding BestApp Studio. The studio focuses on product design and user experience design for web, mobile apps, and smart devices. In the past two years, Anson and his team have been very busy making a name for themselves in Guangzhou. BestApp produces, the biggest Air Quality Index platform in China. This site pushes out data to millions of people, helping them find ways to breath easier. They have also made apps for big groups like China Telecom, Home Inn, P&G, H&M - altogether serving over 20 million users. BestApp's newest project is code named: "GlassX". This is the first google glass development team in China. They have already made the first glassware in Chinese! Anson is also a member of the Beta Cafe founding team and is the organizer of the Google Developer Group Guangzhou. 何英琪先生多年来一直以一名专业营销人和品牌战略家的身份,活跃在广州基层技术社区。 2011年,他成立BestApp工作室,这个工作室主要专注于网络、移动应用程序和智能设备的产品设计和用户体验设计,也由此,他完成了一次成功的角色转化,一跃成为一名企业家。 在过去的两年里,何英琪先生和他的团队为了要使BestApp在广州成为一家知名公司,他们一直十分努力,做了许多事情。 他们制作了,这是中国最大的空气质量指数平台。该网站向数以百万计的人推送数据,帮助他们找到空气更清新的地方。他们还为一些大集团制作应用程序,例如中国电信、如家酒店、宝洁集团、H&M等,共服务超过2000万用户。 BestApp最新的项目代号为:“GlassX”。这是第一个在中国的Google Glass开发团队,并且,他们已经为谷歌眼镜开发了第一个中文应用。 此外,何英琪先生还是Beta Café的创始成员,以及广州谷歌开发者社区(GDG)的组织者。  



Saturday, Aug 31
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM (CST)


Strand Beer Cafe
1 Chunfeng Road, Yuexiu District
510000 Guangzhou

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