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6CIT Cafe - 广州市番禺区大学城中二横路22号 Guangzhou, 510006 Guangzhou
Sun, May 25, 2014, 1:00 PM (CST)

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徐琳,看处方创始人兼COO。曾经是腾讯多个明星产品,如QQ秀(2002年)、腾讯开放平台(2009年)、QQ农场(2009-2010年)从零开始的创始人,运营过亿级用户平台,如QQ空间(2008年,中国第一SNS产品,活跃超过5亿的平台),腾讯多个产品皆在她所负责时期创造历史顶峰,如QQ秀、QQ宠物、QQ空间、QQ农场。2010年离开腾讯后创业短途旅游项目银河快车,目前运营良好。 Ciline Xu is founder and COO of, a peer-to-peer medical advisory service. She was founding maker of multiple star products by Tencent such as QQ Avatar (2002), Tencent Open Platform (2009), and QQ Farm (2009-2010). She ran products that served over 100 million users such as QQ Kongjian (QQ Space, China's No. 1 SNS product of 2008, with over 500 million active users). Many Tencent products reached their prime time during her tenure, such as QQ Avatar, QQ Pets, QQ Space, and QQ Farm. She founded, a short-trip service that's been in good operation since she quit Tencent in 2010. 创业磨坊广州5月份活动响应旧金山总部的 #40Forward Program 号召,专门邀请一位女企业家进行现场分享。 This event is featuring a female entrepreneur under the global #40Forward Program of SG HG.



Sunday, May 25
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CST)


6CIT Cafe
510006 Guangzhou

6CIT Cafe
广州市番禺区大学城中二横路22号 Guangzhou510006

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