Manav Gupta (FabriQate)

Strand Beer Cafe 1 Chunfeng Road, Yuexiu District 510000 Guangzhou Guangzhou
Thu, Sep 26, 2013, 6:00 PM (CST)

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Manav Gupta is co-founder & CEO of FabriQate, an innovative mobile technology company with offices in Guangzhou, London, Mumbai, Melbourne, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Manav was raised as a global citizen, moving all over asia while growing up, and he developed a love for travel and entrepreneurship at a young age. After graduating from Purdue University in the US, he worked for large companies like HP and Delloite the US, Hong Kong and China. In 2008 he helped found FabriQate, and for the past 5 years, he's been following his dream of building a global company at the cutting edge of the mobile space. Under Manav’s guidance FabriQate has been recognized for numerous awards and worked for clients in 23 countries for some of the world’s most innovative companies including P&G, Unilever, TimeWarner, FOX, National Geographic. Collectively FabriQate’s campaigns and applications have reached over 20 million end users, and they are just getting started. With a renewed focus on user experience and customer retention, FabriQate is pushing the cutting edge of mobile even further. Join us for our chat with Manav as we discuss how FabriQate has grown during his time in China and his plans for the future. Manav Gupta是FabriQate公司的联合创始人和首席执行官,这是一家以创意为主导的移动应用开发公司,他们目前在广州、伦敦、墨尔本、上海以及香港都设有办公室。 M从小就游历于亚洲各地,像一个世界公民一样。他在很年轻的时候,就对旅游和创业充满了热爱。Manav Gupta毕业于美国Purdue University,专业是电信网络工程。在创立FabriQate之前,Manav Gupta曾在惠普公司以及德勤(美国、香港、中国大陆)这些大公司工作。2008年,他参与创立FabriQate,在过去的5年里, 他一直追随他的梦想-在移动领域的前沿建立一家全球性的公司。 在Manav的带领下,FabriQate获得了无数奖项的认可,他们的客户遍布23个国家,其中一些还是世界上最具创新精神的公司,例如宝洁、联合利华、时代华纳、福克斯和国家地理杂志。总体而言,FabriQate的营销活动和应用已经到达了超过20万个终端用户,而这仅仅是一个开始。随着重新专注于用户体验和客户保留,FabriQate在移动领域前沿又推进了一步。 欢迎大家一起来加入我们与Manav 先生的访谈,届时我们将讨论,他在中国期间FabriQate公司的成长历程,以及他对未来的计划。



Thursday, Sep 26
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CST)


Strand Beer Cafe
1 Chunfeng Road, Yuexiu District
510000 Guangzhou

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